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Air India crew’s new uniform by Manish Malhotra includes sarees and sari pantsuits

The new livery for Air India cabin and cockpit crew has been revealed – and yes, they still retain the traditional Indian sarees! But, renowned designer Manish Malhotra has given a contemporary twist by introducing stylish pant sarees or saree pantsuits. The apparel is designed in “three quintessential Indian colors – red, brinjal and gold, representing a confident, vibrant new India.”


Until 1962, the airline’s female crew members wore a uniform consisting of a skirt, jacket and hat. The concept of wearing sarees was introduced to them by the late JRD Tata, and the initial sarees were purchased from Binny Mills.

When news of the change in uniform was doing the rounds, there was speculation that churidar might become an option for women, while male crew members might opt ​​for suits, potentially pushing the saree into the background.

However, the only notable change in uniform is that some female flight attendants have replaced the traditional petticoats with pants or trousers, providing a more comfortable and contemporary alternative.

In visuals shared on Instagram, women can be seen still wearing sarees, but with a change – some have paired them with palazzo pants or wide-leg trousers, a stylish and fashionable take on the traditional saree drape. Makes customizations that accommodate the use of the pants. , This modification retains the essence of the saree while adopting a modern and practical approach for those who choose this option.

Manish Malhotra wrote on his Instagram handle, “I am honored to get the opportunity to design the uniform for Air India. It is a privilege to be able to contribute to the national flag carrier and showcase its beauty and charm.” The thing is.” Indian fashion. My aim was to create a uniform that reflected the essence of India’s diverse culture and traditions while also giving a modern and sophisticated look. Incorporating the quintessential colors that symbolize India, I hope these uniforms will not only make the crew feel proud but also leave a lasting impression on the guests, representing the warmth and hospitality that India is known for.”

In another post she also shared a glimpse of the outfits.

Expressing its pride and joy on having Manish Malhotra on board, Air India wrote, “We are proud to present to the world the all-new Air India pilot and cabin crew uniform designed by Manish Malhotra. Each design, through its colors, style and elements, reflects where we come from and the window of possibilities before us.”



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