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Alaska Airlines flight’s emergency landing audio conversation with pilot’s ATC surfaces

Audio conversations of a pilot flying an Alaska Airlines flight whose window and a portion of the fuselage were blown into the air have emerged. The pilot made an emergency landing to save the 170 passengers on board the plane at the time of the accident. No one was seriously injured in the incident and the plane returned safely to Portland International Airport about 20 minutes after takeoff, news agency AP reported. The calmness with which the pilot handled the situation was commendable.

The AP shared audio of the pilot speaking with air traffic control during the emergency. A transcript of the audio is below.

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Transcript of conversation between pilot and air traffic controller

pilot: “Seattle Alaska 1282, we have just decompressed, we are declaring a state of emergency. We need to get down to 10,000. “We just need to take the pressure off and we need to get back to Portland.”

pilot: “Hey Portland, Alaska approach 1282 emergency aircraft, we are now leveling 12,000 and heading left to 340.”

Air Traffic Controller: “1282 Foreign Perspective. Good afternoon. You still have zero information?”

pilot: ““Yes, we have zero information, we would like to reduce it if possible.”

Air Traffic Controller: “Chance 1282 descends and maintains 7,000.”

Air Traffic Controller: “Alaska 1282 Did you declare an emergency or were you required to return…”

pilot: “Yes, we are in an emergency, we are stressed, we need to return, we have 177 passengers. Fuel is 18-eight.”

pilot: “Our fuel is 18,900 pounds and we have 177 passengers on board.”

Air Traffic Controller: “Alaska 1282 Roger. “And do you need time to burn some fuel before landing?”

pilot: “negative.”

Air Traffic Controller: “Alaska 1282 So now you are ready for approach? Runway 28 okay?”

pilot: “We need about ten minutes. Alaska 1282.”

Air Traffic Controller: “Roger, let me know when you’re ready.”

pilot: “We will keep you posted. Alaska 1282.”

Air Traffic Controller: “Coming in a little, uh, unreadable, very quiet. The only information we have is the pressure issue and 177 passengers and 18,900 pounds of fuel, and as of now, we don’t know the intentions of the plane.

Air Traffic Controller: “Emergency aircraft will be the next to arrive, they’re two miles away, you can expect to have access to the runway.”



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