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Australia to ban single-use vape imports from January 2024

New Delhi: Australia will ban the import of disposable vapes from January as part of its initiative to tackle nicotine addiction among young people, the health minister said on Tuesday.

Health Minister Mark Butler said the ban would be expanded in March to include all non-medical vapes, including refillable devices, while importers of vapes for medical purposes must obtain a permit from the Office of Drug Control, Reuters reports. May need it.

The government will provide an additional A$75 million to the Australian Border Force and the Therapeutic Goods Administration to enforce the new rules.

Additional legislation next year would impose similar restrictions on domestic manufacturers, Reuters reports.

Addressing a press conference, Butler said, “These are vapes that have pink unicorn, bubblegum flavors on them, disguised to hide them in your pencil case.”

“This is not a therapeutic item to help smokers quit. This is an item that is deliberately targeted at children to get them addicted to nicotine.”

Despite smoking rates being among the lowest in the OECD, a group of mostly wealthy countries, vaping is on the rise in Australia, especially among youth. According to government figures, one in five people aged 18 to 24 is raped, Reuters reports.

According to the BBC, a study from the University of Sydney earlier this year found that more than a quarter of teenagers aged 14-17 had vaped, while research from the Cancer Council charity of Australia found that the same age group Nine out of 10 teenagers found it easy. To access nicotine vapes.

According to Reuters, to ensure the ban does not limit access for people wanting to quit smoking, in January doctors and nurses will be given expanded powers to prescribe therapeutic vapes if medically appropriate.

However, medicinal vapes will be restricted from using flavors, have limited nicotine levels, and be sold in pharmaceutical packaging under new rules to be introduced next year, with a transition period for manufacturers to comply.



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