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Ayodhya Ram Temple, know interesting features of the temple

Ayodhya Ram Temple: The work on the first phase of the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya is almost completed. The consecration of Ramlala is scheduled on January 22, 2024 at around 12:30 pm, after which all devotees will be able to visit the temple to have darshan of their adored deity. Many features of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple in Ayodhya are shared by the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust.

According to the trust, Ram temple is being constructed in traditional Nagar style. The length (east to west) of the temple will be 380 feet, width 250 feet and height 161 feet. The temple will be three floors high, each floor being 20 feet high. The temple will have a total of 392 pillars and 44 doors. Let us know some special features of the temple.

Special things about Ram Temple:

  • The main sanctum sanctorum of the Ram temple will house the infant form of Lord Shri Ram (idol of Shri Ram Lala), and the court of Lord Shri Ram will be on the first floor.
  • The temple will have five pavilions: Nritya Mandap, Rang Mandap, Sabha Mandap, Prarthana Mandap and Kirtan Mandap.
  • Sculptures of gods and divine beings are being carved on the pillars and walls.
  • The entry to the temple will be from the east side, climbing 32 stairs and passing through the lion gate.
  • Ramps and lifts will be provided for disabled persons and elderly.
  • A rectangular circumambulation path 732 meters long and 14 feet wide will surround the temple on all sides.
  • Temples dedicated to Sun God, Goddess Bhagwati, Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva will be built at the four corners of the parikrama.
  • Temples dedicated to Maharishi Valmiki, Maharishi Vashishtha, Maharishi Vishwamitra, Maharishi Agastya, Nishadraj, Mata Shabari and Rishipatni Devi Ahilya will be built in the temple complex.
  • An ancient Sita Kund of mythological times will be present near the temple.
  • Iron will not be used in the temple and concrete will not be used on the ground. The area below the temple is covered with 14 meter thick roller compacted concrete (RCC) resembling artificial rock.
  • To protect the temple from ground moisture, a 21 feet high platform made of granite has been constructed.
  • The temple complex includes facilities such as a self-sufficient sewer treatment plant, water treatment plant, water system for fire protection and an independent power station to reduce dependence on external resources.
  • A Pilgrim Facilitation Center with a capacity of 25,000 is under construction, which also provides lockers and medical facilities.
  • Facilities like bathing facilities, toilets, wash basins and open taps will be available in the temple premises.
  • The temple is being constructed entirely using Indian traditions and indigenous technologies, with special attention to environmental and water conservation practices. 70 percent of the 70 acre area will always be green.

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