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Britain’s Immigration Minister resigns over Rwanda policy, troubles increase for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

Britain’s Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick has resigned from Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s cabinet over “serious disagreements” with the government’s Rwanda policy of deporting illegal immigrants.

Jenrick, who until recently was seen as an ally of Sunak, said on Wednesday that he thought the emergency legislation, introduced in a parliamentary statement by his boss, Home Secretary James Cleverley, would end “the merry run of legal challenges”. Is not enough. ,

Sunak responded to his resignation by saying that he was “disappointed”, but that his reasoning for stepping down was “based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation”.

“It is with great sadness that I have written to the Prime Minister to tender my resignation as Immigration Minister,” Jenrick said in a post on X after questions in the House of Commons, where he was missing from the front bench. “

He said, “I cannot continue in my position when I have such deep disagreement with the direction of the government’s policy on immigration.”

Jenrick said small boats crossing the English Channel were causing “untold harm” to the country and that the government needed to “put national interests above highly contested interpretations of international law”.

“I have therefore consistently advocated for a clear law that severely limits the opportunities for domestic and foreign courts to block or undermine the effectiveness of the policy,” he wrote in his resignation letter to Sunak on Wednesday.

“The kind of bill you are proposing is a triumph of hope over experience,” he said.

In his response, Sunak countered by saying that the new bill would be “the toughest piece of illegal migration legislation ever introduced by the UK Government”.

He said, “If we remove the courts altogether, we will collapse the entire scheme. The Rwandan government has made clear that it will not accept the UK basing this scheme on a law which is inconsistent with our international law. may be considered a breach of obligations.” ,

“It would make no sense to pass legislation that would leave us with nowhere to send people,” Sunak said.

The move is a major disappointment for Sunak at a time when he is preparing for his general election bid in 2024. The opposition Labor Party reacted by labeling the Conservatives presiding over a “chaotic” government.

Labour’s national campaign co-ordinator Pat McFadden said, “The British people deserve a government that will solve the issues that matter to working people, not a Tory circus of gimmicks and leadership posturing.”

The Rwanda Security Bill will be formally introduced in the House of Commons on Thursday. The Home Office claims it will conclusively consider Rwanda a safe country, despite UK and international law.

“Through this new historic emergency legislation, we will control our borders, stop people from making dangerous journeys and end the persistent legal challenges that continue to come to our courts,” Sunak said in a statement.

“And we will make sections of the Human Rights Act disappear from key parts of the bill, particularly in the case of Rwanda, to ensure that our plan cannot be stopped. We have taken swift action to address the issues raised by the Supreme Court, proving that Rwanda is not only a safe country, but a modern, prosperous nation, and today we are being punished for cheating the system and betraying the British people. The tactics people use to give are exhausting. ,” He said.

This follows Cleverly’s visit to Kigali on Tuesday when he signed a new treaty with Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Vincent Biruta. Under the plan, the UK plans to deport illegal migrants to Rwanda while their asylum claims are being processed and is expected to act as a deterrent to smugglers bringing migrants to UK shores illegally. Will act as.

(This report is published as part of an auto-generated syndicated wire feed. Except for the headline, the content has not been modified or edited by ABP Live.)



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