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Canadian Sikh poet Rupi Kaur rejects Biden administration’s Diwali invite over Gaza

Indian-Canadian Sikh poet Rupi Kaur on Monday declined an invitation to a Diwali event from US President Joe Biden’s administration over her reaction to the situation in Gaza. Kaur addressed Shows the opposite. What does this holiday mean to many of us?

The “Milk and Honey” author said, “I am amazed that this administration finds it acceptable to celebrate Diwali, when their support of current atrocities against Palestinians represents the exact opposite of what this holiday means to many of us.” In the post on X, Kaur also said, “I reject any invitation from an organization that supports the mass punishment of trapped civilian populations – 50 percent of whom are children”.

On Monday, Gaza’s health ministry said the Palestinian death toll had risen to more than 10,000, including 4,104 children, with no signs of a ceasefire in the enclave. Sixteen of Gaza’s 35 hospitals have run out of fuel supplies and have been forced to suspend operations.

The Indo-Canadian poet urged other South Asians in the US to do the same and hold the US government accountable in the wake of the rising civilian death toll. Kaur said, “I urge our South Asian community to hold this administration accountable. As a Sikh woman, I will not allow my image to be used to cover up the actions of this administration.”

Kaur, who immigrated to Canada from Punjab, said, “We should not be influenced by their photo-ops. When the actions of a government anywhere in the world dehumanize people, it is our moral imperative to demand justice.” America’s Indian-origin Vice President Kamala Harris is hosting the Diwali program.

“I have always used this day to reflect on what it means to fight for freedom against oppression. Today, the US government is not only funding the bombing of Gaza, they are building so many refugee camps, They continue to justify this genocide against Palestinians without regard to health. Facilities and places of worship have been destroyed,” Kaur wrote.

Kaur also urged her followers to sign petitions, join boycotts and participate in protests in support of the ceasefire. His collection has sold more than 11 million copies and has been translated into more than 43 languages, with “Milk and Honey” surpassing Homer’s “Odyssey” as the best-selling poem of all time. Earlier this year, his X account (formerly Twitter) was blocked in India over the Khalistan issue. Hamas launched a sudden attack against Israel on October 7.



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