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COP28 host UAE Al Jaber plans to use climate summit to make oil deals, report cites ‘leaked notes’

The two-week-long COP28 UN climate summit is in controversy just two days before it begins as reports citing ‘leaked documents’ suggest host United Arab Emirates (UAE) is negotiating oil and gas deals with foreign governments. Planning to make deals. Using its role in the summit. The documents were published by the UK-registered Center for Climate Reporting (CCR) working with the BBC, and said the UAE’s COP28 president, Sultan Al Jaber, had discussed oil during meetings with at least 27 foreign governments. And sought to lobby on gas deals. Run to the conference.

The leaked documents include more than 150 pages of briefing prepared by the COP28 team for the meetings hosted by Al Jaber between July and October this year. The CCR said the briefing provides insight into private discussions between the COP President and key government figures attending the UN summit in Dubai.

The CCR report said, “But it is not clear on how many occasions Al Jaber and his associates discussed negotiating points at COP28 meetings with foreign governments. Briefings prepared ahead of the meetings suggest that they Plans to expand commercial interests with approximately 30 countries.”

It further said that several countries refused to discuss commercial interests with Al Jaber despite the negotiating issues being raised in the briefing, with five others saying no meeting took place.

According to a BBC report, when the UAE team was asked about the development, they replied, “Private meetings are private.” It declined to comment on what was discussed at the meetings, saying its work focused on “meaningful climate action.”

The BBC cited the CCR findings and reported that the briefing included proposed “talking points”, such as for China, which says the UAE’s state oil company Adnoc, Mozambique, Canada “jointly produce international LNG ( Liquefied Natural Gas) is ready to evaluate the opportunities”. And Australia.

The leaked cache of internal documents also reveals a Colombian minister being told that Adnoc is “ready” to support Colombia in developing its fossil fuel resources.

The BBC reports that Germany and Egypt are among the 13 countries, and the talking points show ADNOC wants to work with their governments to develop fossil fuel projects. CNN said the documents detail each country’s climate progress in key areas and also include several suggestions for offering new oil and gas projects with state-owned Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), which Led by Al Jaber.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the COP28 team told CNN in an email: “The documents referenced in the BBC article are inaccurate and were not used by COP28 at the meetings. It is extremely disappointing to see the BBC using unverified documents in its reporting.”

Al Jaber remains CEO of ADNOC despite calls to step down during the COP28 presidency. Even the UAE has been at the center of widespread criticism for appointing its top oil and gas chief to chair COP28.

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