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Does stress affect the health of your hair?

Stress is something we all experience in our daily lives, and it can affect our hair more than we realize. Stress has long been considered one of the causes of hair loss. Dr. Alina, who is a board-certified surgeon and aesthetic physician specializing in hair restoration and non-surgical treatments, explained that stress can cause various hair problems such as hair fall, thinning, and breakage . This happens because stress disrupts the normal hair growth cycle, causing hair follicles to break and new hair to stop forming. As a result, our hair becomes thinner and starts falling more.

Why does stress affect our hair?

Talking about this, Dr. Alina said, “To understand why stress affects our hair, we need to know that when we are stressed, our body goes through changes. Releases hormones that can mess with our body’s systems. Put our hair follicles into a kind of sleep mode, disrupting the normal process of hair growth. This causes the hair to become thinner and more Hair starts falling out.”

“But stress doesn’t stop there. It can also take a toll on our scalp. A common problem is dandruff. Stress can cause our scalp to produce too much oil, causing more skin cells to fall off, leading to dandruff. “Can cause itching and discomfort. Use on the scalp may cause us to scratch our heads more, which can damage our hair.”

Additionally, Ayush Manocha, Founder of Bellalock and Director of Ayush Manocha Unisex Salon, said, “Stress coupled with lifestyle problems, wrong eating habits and loss of appetite, all these spoil the hair texture and make them prone to breakage. “Increases the possibility.” In the absence of any medical problem, losing more than 100 hairs a day may be a sign of stress. Therefore, it is highly advised to control stress by physical activity, meditation and self-care to maintain a perfect and beautiful complexion. “Child and General Health.”

Tips for Stress Management:

Incorporating stress management techniques into your daily routine can boost not only hair health but also overall well-being. Understanding the connection between stress and hair problems is the first step towards addressing these issues. By making a conscious effort to reduce stress through mindfulness and self-care, we can enjoy the benefits of healthy, thick hair.

According to Dr. Vidushi Jain, dermatologist at Dermalinks, Ghaziabad, “The negative effects of stress on hair growth and the integration of stress-coping strategies in the management of hair loss disorders as well as the development of new pharmacotherapeutics But insightful strategies may enhance therapeutic modalities with the alleviation of clinical symptoms as well as concomitant psychological effects.”

Finally, Dr. Alina suggested some simple ways to reduce stress. He said, “First, we can try relaxation techniques like deep breathing, meditation or mindfulness to reduce stress. Getting enough sleep is also important because being tired can make stress worse. Finally, eating a balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients can help keep our hair healthy and prevent further damage.”



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