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Former European Council President Donald Tusk elected as Polish Prime Minister, now focus on better relations with EU

Donald Tusk has been elected as the new Prime Minister of Poland after being endorsed by the country’s parliament on Monday. According to Reuters, this decision has ended the eight-year rule of the nationalist Law and Justice Party (PIS). With Tusk, a former European Council president, as prime minister, the country is likely to improve its relations with the EU, Reuters reports.

Tusk was supported by 248 MPs while 201 voted against him. “I will be indebted to all those who believed in this new, wonderful Poland, to all those who believed in us…and decided on this historic change,” he told the chamber after the vote.

Relations with Poland and the European Union

Under the reign of Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland saw a deterioration in its relations with the EU and tens of billions of euros of EU funds were frozen due to disputes with Brussels over democratic standards.

Tusk has promised to improve relations and unblock around €36bn (£30bn) of cash, according to a Reuters report.

Tusk will become prime minister more than a month after the election. here’s why

The centrist coalition led by Donald Tusk won a majority of seats in elections held on October 15 but has so far been unable to take power. PiS, led by Mateusz Morawiecki, was the largest party after the election. However, other parties refused to work with it and PiS failed to prove its majority in parliament, the BBC reported.

The BBC said Tusk would lead a government formed by a coalition of three parties – his Civic Coalition (KO), the Third Way and the Left.

“We are working on a range of measures that will restore the rule of law as much as possible,” Tusk said after the vote, as quoted by the BBC. Tusk will address parliament on Tuesday to outline his government’s plans and then go for a vote of confidence.

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