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From Chandrayaan-3 to Bhupendra Jogi, Google reveals that GPT jawan G20 is the most searched chat in India

In the recently released Year in Search 2023 report, Google has revealed the most prominent search trends across various categories, including news events, movies, memes, and more. The ranking is based on search terms that have seen the greatest increase in popularity this year compared to last year. While some topics, like Chandrayaan-3 and ChatGPT, are understandable, some others (like Bhupendra Jogi, coding classes, and what is G20) provided a quick insight into what dominated the minds of Indian users in the past year .

Here are details of the top trends in each category:

News & Events:

near me:

  • coding classes near me
  • earthquake near me
  • zoodio near me
  • onam sadhya near me
  • jailer movie near me


  • young
  • Ghadar 2
  • oppenheimer
  • Lone man
  • Pathan


  • Bhupendra Jogi Mim
  • very beautiful very beautiful meme
  • Moye Moye Mem (#3 and #4 positions occupied)
  • You showed your status, Meme!

What is:

  • what is g20
  • what is ucc (What is UCC)
  • What is chat gpt?
  • what is hamas (What is Hamas)
  • what is on 28th september 2023 (What’s on 28th September 2023)

Sports events:

  • Indian Premier League
  • cricket world cup
  • asia cup
  • Women’s Premier League
  • asian games


  • Kiara Advani
  • Shubman Gill
  • Rachin Ravindra
  • Mohammed Shami
  • elvish yadav

Travel Destination:

  • vietnam
  • Goa
  • Bali
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand

How to do:

  • How to protect skin and hair from sun damage with home remedies
  • How to reach your first 5k followers on YouTube
  • how to become good at kabaddi
  • How to improve car mileage
  • How to become a chess grandmaster


  • india vs australia
  • india vs new zealand
  • india vs sri lanka
  • India vs England
  • india vs ireland


  • fake
  • Wednesday
  • Asura
  • Rana Naidu
  • the last of us


  • Mango Pickle Recipe
  • sex recipe on the beach
  • panchamrit recipe
  • Hakusai Recipe
  • Coriander Panjiri Recipe

In short, Google’s Year in Search serves as a comprehensive snapshot of the topics that attracted global interest throughout 2023.

If you’re wondering what people searched for on Google in 2022, take a look:

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