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Gay activists fear arrest, top Russian court calls them ‘extremists’, bans ‘LGBT movement’

The Russian Supreme Court has banned the LGBT movement, labeling it ‘extremist’, a move that has raised fears of arrest and prosecution among activists, three years after the country changed its constitution to make it clear That marriage means a union between one man and one man. And a woman. Homosexual unions are not recognized in Russia. According to a report by Al Jazeera, the court ruled on Thursday that “the international LGBT public movement and its subdivisions” were extremists, and issued “a ban on its activities on the territory of Russia.”

The BBC reported that the hearing took place behind closed doors, but journalists were allowed to hear the court’s decision. No one from the “defendant side” was present, the court said. The court based its decision on a motion submitted by the Justice Ministry.

In particular, there is no organization as a legal entity that the court has now banned. According to Al Jazeera, the Justice Ministry said, without giving examples, that “various signs and manifestations of extremist orientation, including inciting social and religious discord” had been identified in the activities of Russia’s LGBT movement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters before the court’s decision that the Kremlin was “not following” the case and had no comment.

‘Shameful and absurd’

Reacting to the decision, Feminist Anti-War Resistance, which criticizes Russia’s war in Ukraine, said, “One day, it will be over but for now, we have to try to survive and save ourselves.” Is required.”

According to the report, several other NGOs, including transgender rights group “Centre T”, said they would publish safety guidelines for members of the LGBT community.

Amnesty International described the decision as “shameful and absurd” and warned of a blanket ban on LGBTQ organizations, saying it would violate freedoms of association, expression and peaceful assembly and lead to discrimination.



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