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Gaza official Hamas Palestine says one of two patients in hospital besieged by Israel, one child died

New Delhi: A shell killed a child and another person in the intensive care unit of Al Shifa hospital in Gaza amid Israeli military operations against Hamas, a Palestinian Health Ministry spokesman said, news agency Reuters reported. happened. According to locals, Israeli soldiers have been fighting Hamas militants throughout the night in and around Gaza City where the hospital is located. However, the Israeli Army has not yet commented on this matter.

“The situation is worse than anyone can imagine. We are surrounded inside the Al Shifa Medical Complex, and the occupation has targeted most of the buildings inside,” Reuters quoted health ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra as saying.

According to a Health Ministry official, Israeli forces have deployed snipers on the rooftops of buildings adjacent to the hospital and are firing from time to time, making it difficult for doctors to walk.

The hospital had to suspend its operations after it ran out of fuel, resulting in the death of the baby in the incubator, which contained 45 other infants, Reuters reported.

The Israeli military previously said, “The hospitals need to be evacuated in order to deal with Hamas. We intend to deal with Hamas who have turned hospitals into fortifications.”

Health officials said Israeli airstrikes endangered the lives of patients, doctors, other hospital staff and thousands of civilians sheltering in buildings around hospitals.

Meanwhile, condemning the death of civilians in Gaza, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday said that too many Palestinians have been killed and many more have suffered in the past few weeks.

“Too many Palestinians have been killed, and too many people have suffered over the past weeks. We want to do everything possible to prevent them from being harmed and maximize the assistance they get,” Blinken had said.



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