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Hamas deputy leader Saleh Arouri killed in Israeli drone strike in Beirut: report

An Israeli drone targeted a Hamas facility in the southern suburbs of Beirut on Tuesday (January 2), resulting in the deaths of four people, Reuters reported, citing Lebanon’s state news agency. News agency AP reported that security establishment sources indicated that a top Hamas official, Saleh Arouri, was killed during the attack.

Hezbollah’s Manar television station reported an explosion on the Hadi Nasrallah Highway and close to a road junction. However, specific details regarding the incident remain unclear at this time. It is noteworthy that this incident occurred a day before the scheduled address of Hezbollah leader Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah.

A Reuters witness suggested the explosion could be attributed to a drone strike, which hit the second floor of a building in a densely populated area.

According to reports, hostilities have intensified since the Israel-Hamas conflict began in Gaza last October. Recently, continuous firing has been reported on Lebanon’s southern border between Hezbollah, an important Lebanese armed group, and Israel.

Reports from Hezbollah and security outlets indicate that more than 100 Hezbollah fighters and approximately 24 civilians have been killed as a result of Israeli military actions, including children, the elderly, and several journalists.

Earlier on Monday, Israel’s Supreme Court overturned a key component of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial judicial overhaul, issuing a landmark decision that rekindles the divisions in Israeli society that predated the country’s ongoing war against Hamas. Can open. The court narrowly voted to overturn a law passed in July that prevents judges from overturning government decisions they deem “unfair.” Opponents argued that Netanyahu’s efforts to eliminate the reasonableness standard opened the door to corruption and the inappropriate appointment of unqualified associates to key positions.



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