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Houthi drones attack ships in Red Sea a day after ‘ultimate warning’ from US and 12 allies

Houthi rebels launched another attack on ships in the Red Sea on Thursday after detonating a drone boat packed with explosives, a day after the United States and 12 allies issued an ultimatum to the Houthi rebels. The US Navy, quoted by Reuters, said the explosion caused no damage or casualties.

On Wednesday, the United States and Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Singapore and the United Kingdom issued a joint statement condemning Houthi attacks against commercial vessels. the Red Sea. He warned the Yemen-based group of unspecified “consequences” unless it ceased its attacks, in what one US official suggested was a final warning.

Meanwhile, the latest attack with an unmanned surface vessel (USV) marks the first time the Houthis have used this type of weapon since the start of the war in Gaza, CNN reports.

Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, commander of US Naval Forces Central Command, said the USV traveled in international shipping lanes off Yemen with the apparent intent to cause damage before detonating, the report said.

Notably, it is the 25th Houthi attack on ships in the Red Sea since Nov. 18, Cooper said. Cooper said the attacks were almost certain to continue. “There is no sign that his irresponsible behavior is slowing down,” Cooper added, as quoted by CNN.

Cooper further said that there are currently five warships from different countries in and around the Red Sea, including manned and unmanned reconnaissance aircraft and fighter jets.

He said the Navy is providing continuous communication with commercial ships while passing through the Red Sea. “We give a lot of advice in terms of best practices for when to transit, when not to transit, where to transit, how to do it, how to communicate with us,” Cooper said.

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