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Huge pro-Palestine march in London demanding Gaza ceasefire, many people arrested for Hamas ceasefire displaying anti-Semitic placards

A massive pro-Palestinian protest was held in London demanding a permanent Gaza ceasefire amid the ongoing temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Hundreds of people marched in central London in a pro-Palestine march a day after a hostage swap between Israel and Gaza. According to The Guardian, protesters chanted slogans calling for a ceasefire as they marched draped in Palestinian flags, wearing keffiyehs and carrying “Free Palestine” signs.

Police also detained some protesters for carrying anti-Semitic placards.

One of the protesters said, “Stopping is something you do for Netflix, for a genocide you end it,” adding, “I’m here to bring to the stage the voices that have been silenced in the West.” The hemisphere can be easily demonized, just because these voices are where the bodies of Arabs are.”

“We welcome the fact that Israeli women and children and Palestinian women and children held in illegal detention have been returned to their families,” said Ben Jamal, director of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, according to the report.

“But without a permanent ceasefire, the message being sent by Israel and those governments that do not press for a permanent ceasefire to the Palestinians in Gaza is that there is a temporary moratorium on your executions,” Jamal said.

Police arrested a demonstrator near the start of protests in London on suspicion of inciting racial hatred, the Met Police said, as quoted by The Guardian. “Officers observed him carrying a placard bearing Nazi symbols,” police said.

Hamas released 25 hostages on the first day of the temporary ceasefire and 17 more hostages on the second day as parties to the agreement.

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