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Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar condemns anti-immigrant protests over stabbing in Dublin

New Delhi: Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar condemned the anti-immigrant protesters, saying they only wanted to spread chaos and not protect the country’s way of life, news agency AP reported. His comments come in the wake of mass protests by rioters after five people, including three children, were injured in a suspected stabbing incident in Dublin.

PM Varadkar said Dublin had faced two attacks, one on children and the other on “society and the rule of law”.

“These criminals did not do what they did because they love Ireland, they did not do what they did because they wanted to protect the Irish people, they did not do it out of a sense of patriotism, no matter how twisted. Don’t be. They did this because they are full of hatred, they like violence, they like anarchy and they like causing pain to others,” AP quoted PM Varadkar as saying.

The Irish capital witnessed widespread chaos after protesters set vehicles on fire, looted shops and threw stones at crowd control officers, the AP reported. So far 34 people have been arrested.

Violence broke out after rumors spread that a foreign national was behind a suspected stabbing at Parnell Square East.

According to AP report, among the injured, a five-year-old girl and a teacher’s aide are in critical condition. A six-year-old girl is undergoing treatment in hospital and another child has been discharged. According to the news agency, the alleged attacker is in critical condition in the hospital.

Speaking about anti-immigration tensions earlier this year, PM Varadkar said there was always room for peaceful protest. However, violence and racism are not legitimate.

According to the AP report, PM Varadkar had said, “I think when it comes to this matter, we should never lose sight of the bigger picture – we are facing a major refugee crisis, not just in Ireland but across Europe.” are facing.”



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