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Israel accuses Hamas of violating ceasefire, stops rockets as ceasefire ends: Report

As the ceasefire deadline between Israel and Hamas expired on Friday, Israel’s military accused Hamas of violating the ceasefire and claimed it intercepted a rocket fired from Gaza, Reuters reported. . On the other hand, explosions and gunfire were heard in northern Gaza amid no word on the extension of the ceasefire between the two warring armies.

The Israeli army said it has resumed combat operations against Hamas after intercepting rockets fired from Gaza. According to Reuters, there is news of heavy fighting in Gaza on Friday. The seven-day ceasefire that began on November 24 was extended twice. During the ceasefire, dozens of hostages held in Gaza were exchanged in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners. This also facilitated the entry of humanitarian aid into the coastal strip.

The IDF also said that rocket warning sirens were sounded again in Israeli areas near Gaza minutes before the deadline. However, there was no immediate response from Hamas to Israel’s claims. According to Reuters, Palestinian media reported Israeli air and artillery attacks throughout the enclave, including the Rafah border, after the ceasefire ended. The Israeli military said its jets were attacking Hamas positions in Gaza.

Qatar and Egypt are making efforts to advance the ceasefire

After a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas expired on Friday, Qatar and Egypt were seeking an extension of the truce following the exchange on Thursday of the latest batch of eight hostages and 30 Palestinian prisoners, Reuters reported. Israel had previously set the release of 10 hostages a day as the minimum it would accept to stop its bombing.

The release of the latest batch of hostages on Thursday brought the total number of hostages freed during the ceasefire to 105 hostages and 240 Palestinian prisoners, according to Reuters.

Hamas releases 8 Israeli hostages

Eight Israeli hostages were released from Gaza on Thursday under a ceasefire agreement with Israel. According to The Times of Israel, two women, 21-year-old Mia Schem and 40-year-old Amit Sousana, were freed in the afternoon. The release of the hostages on Thursday came as an agreement to extend the ceasefire was reached just before it was set to expire.

According to the Israeli military, Hamas then released a group of six more hostages and transferred them to the Red Cross. In a statement, the Israel Defense Forces said the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) had transferred six hostages to Egypt.



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