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Israel Gaza war Gaza hunger crisis worsens UN says many people died of hunger due to Hamas war

As the UN General Assembly prepares to vote on Tuesday on an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, aid agencies have said hunger conditions among Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip are worsening, news agency Reuters reports. It is getting worse.

More civilians have been killed in Israel’s attacks on Gaza, after the US on Friday vetoed a Security Council resolution demanding a ceasefire. According to Reuters, most people in Gaza have been driven from their homes, and residents have said it is impossible to find shelter or food in the enclave.

The United Nations World Food Program has claimed that half the population is dying of hunger. “Hunger haunts everyone,” UNRWA, the UN body responsible for Palestinian refugees, said on Friday.

Gazans who were repeatedly forced to flee were dying of hunger and cold as well as bombardment, Reuters reported, describing the looting of aid trucks and skyrocketing prices.

Israel has said its instructions to relocate people are one of a series of measures it is taking to protect civilians as it aims to root out Hamas militants who killed 1,200 people in an attack on Israel on October 7. 100 were killed and 240 taken hostage, Reuters reported, citing Israel. Length. It is noteworthy that till now about 100 hostages have been freed.

Israel’s retaliatory strikes have killed 18,205 people and injured nearly 50,000, according to the Gaza Health Ministry, Reuters reports. The General Assembly is likely to pass a draft resolution on Tuesday that mirrors the language of the resolution that was vetoed by the US last week.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza has announced that the Palestinian death toll in the Gaza Strip as a result of the Hamas–Israel conflict since October 7 has exceeded 18,000.

Meanwhile, speaking at a press conference, ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Kedra said on Monday that the bodies of 208 dead Palestinians had been transferred to hospitals in the Gaza Strip during the past 24 hours, and 416 Palestinians were killed in Israeli raids. were injured, Xinhua news. The agency told.

A total of 18,205 Palestinians have been killed and 49,645 others have been injured in the Hamas-Israel conflict as of Monday, according to Al-Kedra.

On Friday last week, the US vetoed a UN resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in war-torn Gaza. The resolution has been supported by almost all other members of the Security Council and dozens of other countries.

Supporters described it as a terrible day and warned of more civilian deaths and destruction as the war enters its third month, according to news agency AP. The vote in the 15-member council was 13-1, with the United Kingdom abstaining, the AP reports. France and Japan were also among those supporting the call for a ceasefire.



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