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Israel Hamas war US Israel denies reported breakthrough in deal with Hamas to free hostages to end conflict

The United States and Israel have denied reports of reaching an agreement to stop fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip and allow hostages to return to their families. A report published Saturday in the Washington Post said Israel and Hamas were close to reaching a US-brokered breakthrough to halt fighting for five days, allow humanitarian aid to reach Gaza and allow Hamas to free some hostages .

But later this report was rejected by both America and Israel. “We have not yet reached an agreement, but we will continue to work hard to reach an agreement,” National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson said in a post on Twitter.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also rejected “numerous inaccurate reports” about the agreement, The Times of Israel reported.

“There is no agreement at this time,” Netanyahu said at a news conference. He said that if such an agreement is reached, the Israeli public will be informed.

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“We are marching with you, I am marching with you, all of Israel is marching with you,” he said in reference to a five-day march that ended Saturday by families of hostages from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. ”

The Washington Post reported that the release of the hostages could begin “within the next several days.”

The report said, “A detailed, six-page set of written conditions would require all sides to the conflict to halt combat operations for at least five days, while initially freeing 50 or more hostages every 24 hours.” Will be released in small batches.”

“It was not immediately clear how many of the 239 people imprisoned in Gaza would be released under the agreement. Overhead surveillance will keep an eye on the activities happening on the ground to stop the police.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu, facing increasing pressure for a ceasefire, said he has pledged to continue military action in Gaza until the Palestinian militant group is rooted out and hostages are released.



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