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Israel News IDF Yemen Houthi rebels seize cargo ship en route to India, Red Sea Turkey Israel Hamas war

Yemen’s Houthi rebels seized a cargo ship in the southern Red Sea as it was sailing from Turkey to India, the Israeli military said on Sunday, calling the incident “a very serious incident on a global scale.” told. The military clarified that the unnamed ship was not Israeli-owned, and no Israelis were part of its crew. “The hijacking of a cargo ship by the Houthis near Yemen in the southern Red Sea is a very serious incident of global consequence. The ship was sailing from Turkey to India, carrying citizens of various nationalities, not including Israelis. This is not an Israeli plane,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) posted on Twitter.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said the Netanyahu government condemned what it called “the Iranian attack against an international ship.”

“Israel strongly condemns the Iranian attack against an international ship,” it said on I went.”

Earlier, Arab media reported that an Israeli ship named “Galaxy Leader”, owned by businessman Rami Ungar, was hijacked by Houthi rebels. The cargo ship carrying the vehicle had 22 crew members. The ship flying the Bahamas flag departed from a Turkish port for India, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Yahya Saareya, a spokesman for the Iran-aligned Houthi forces, announced the group’s intention to target ships owned or operated by Israeli companies or flying the Israeli flag, according to a report by the Jerusalem Post. Sariya called on countries around the world to take back their citizens from crews working on such ships.

The Houthi rebels announced, according to a Houthi-linked news network, that the group would target “all types of ships that carry the flag of the Zionist entity or are operated or owned by Israeli companies, from all countries in the world. Calling for the withdrawal of its citizens serving on the crew of ships of the enemy unit and to avoid shipping on them”, the report noted.

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