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Israeli forces uncover ‘largest’ Hamas tunnel near Gaza border, visuals emerge

Israeli troops fighting Hamas announced the discovery of an exceptionally huge tunnel made of concrete and iron, intended to transport terrorist gunmen from Gaza to the border. According to the report of news agency Reuters, Israel’s attack, which began after Hamas terrorists carried out murders and kidnappings in its southern cities and army posts on October 7, aims to destroy hundreds of kilometers long underground passages and bunkers. To deactivate.

The Erez border between Gaza and Israel was one of the locations captured by Hamas in that attack. The army showed journalists the exit point, which it claimed was a historic Hamas project hidden under a sand dune just 100 meters (yards) south of the checkpoint.

The tunnel extended diagonally down to a depth of 50 metres, where it expanded to 3 meters (10 ft) in height and width with electrical fittings.

According to Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the full length of the tunnel is 4 km (2.5 mi), enough to reach northern Gaza City, which was once the center of Hamas authority and is now a destroyed war zone.

“It was the biggest tunnel we found in Gaza… which was intended to target the (Erez) crossing,” Hagari claimed. He also did not say whether Hamas had used it in the October 7 attack.

Hagari said, “Millions of dollars were invested in this tunnel. It took many years to build this tunnel. Vehicles can move in it.”

The tunnels shown to the media by the organization or the Israeli military after their discovery are often short and low, suitable for single-file passage of terrorists on foot. He claimed that the shafts in the Hagari tunnel were plunging vertically downwards, which showed that it was part of a larger network.

The tunnels have been difficult for Israeli engineers, who are concerned that the network could be used to hide Hamas hostages. It has halted an attack whose massive civilian casualties in Palestine have alarmed foreign powers.

Hagari showed journalists a video of Mohammed Sinwar, the brother of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and a top agent of the group, sitting in the passenger seat of a car he claimed was traveling through the tunnel.

According to Israeli news site Ynet, the army killed several militants who attacked Erez on October 29 after entering the area through a tunnel. Hagari’s office did not respond to questions about whether this was related to the tunnel he displayed.



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