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Israeli hostage families upset Netanyahu as he asks for ‘more time’ for their release

Families of hostages kidnapped by Hamas disrupted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in the country’s parliament, news agency AFP reported. In his speech, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to return the hostages but said “more time” was needed. He underlined that Israel would not be able to free other hostages in Gaza without military pressure.

“Without military pressure we would not have succeeded in releasing more than 100 hostages so far. And we will not succeed in releasing all the hostages without military pressure,” PM Netanyahu said.

“Military pressure, operational pressure and political pressure and that’s why there is one thing we will not do – we will not stop fighting,” he said. On this the family members raised slogans of ‘Abhi, Abhi’.

Following the October 7 bombings, Israel claims Hamas still holds 129 people captive in the Palestinian territories. Meanwhile, earlier this month Israeli soldiers accidentally killed three Israeli hostages in Gaza.

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Earlier, it was claimed that Hamas and allied factions had rejected Egypt’s plan to hand over control of the Gaza Strip in exchange for a permanent ceasefire.

Benjamin Netanyahu also told members of his party that Israel would increase its ground offensive in Gaza in the coming days, despite international appeals to stop the bloodshed and accept a ceasefire.

After returning from a visit to troops fighting inside Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said the conflict is “nowhere near ending.”

“We are not stopping. We are continuing to fight and we are expanding the fight in the coming days,” he said, adding, “This will be a long fight and it is no closer to being over.”

The conflict has so far killed at least 20,674 people in Gaza, according to the World Health Organization, the majority of whom are women and children, and the region’s hospitals are barely running as people are dying of hunger.



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