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Israel’s post-war ‘four corners’ plan for Gaza security control, Palestinian body in charge

Israel has come up with a post-war plan for the Gaza Strip amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas in the region. According to a BBC report, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant has proposed the future governance of Gaza after the end of the war between Israel and Hamas. According to the proposed outline of the plan, he said, there would be limited Palestinian rule in the area and Hamas would no longer control the area. Additionally, Israel will retain overall security control, he said, as quoted by the BBC.

It comes as fighting continues in Gaza and the Hamas-run health ministry said dozens of people had been killed in the past 24 hours.

The plan suggests a “four corners” plan in which Israel would retain overall security control of Gaza. He said a multinational force would take charge of rebuilding the area after widespread destruction caused by Israeli bombing.

Neighboring Egypt would also have an unspecified role, according to the plan, adding that the Palestinians would be responsible for running the area.

“Gaza residents are Palestinians, so the Palestinian bodies will be in charge, with the condition that there will be no hostile actions or threats against the State of Israel,” Israeli Defense Minister Gallant was quoted by the BBC as saying.

Some far-right members of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government have reportedly said that Palestinian citizens should be encouraged to leave Gaza for exile, as this would lead to the reestablishment of Jewish settlements in the area – a move that was rejected. It was criticized as “extreme” and “impractical” by other countries in the region and by some of Israel’s allies.

Experts say Gallant’s proposals could be considered more practical than those suggested by some of his Cabinet colleagues. So far, Netanyahu has not spoken publicly in any detail about governing Gaza.

However, Gallant’s plan also outlined how Israeli forces aimed to advance into the next phase of the war in Gaza. He said Israeli forces would take a more targeted approach in the north of the Gaza Strip, where a number of operations would take place, such as raids, demolishing tunnels and air and ground strikes.

He said Israeli forces would continue efforts to locate Hamas leaders and rescue Israeli hostages in the south.

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