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Man who killed 77 people sued for human rights violations in Norway

Norway’s 44-year-old mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in a shooting spree and bombing in 2011, has asked a Norwegian court to end his isolation in prison because it is a threat to his life, according to a report. There is a violation of human rights. By Reuters.

Breivik reportedly sent copies of a manifesto before his planned attacks to explain his principles. He will also sue the state for permission to correspond with the outside world and to ease restrictions imposed on him, Reuters wrote.

Breivik attacked a Labor Party youth camp in Oslo, Norway, killing eight people with a car bomb and shooting 69 others. The victims were mostly teenagers, and according to Reuters, the incident became known as Norway’s worst peacetime atrocity to date.

The horrific case has been a tragic test for Norway, a country that was shaken to the core by Breivik’s deadly actions but also proud of the rehabilitation of its justice system. He currently spends most of his time in the high-security prison of Ringerike, located 70 kilometers northwest of Oslo, Reuters reports.

His dedicated area has a bathroom, a TV room and a kitchen, according to a Reuters report based on a visit to the prison by news agency NTB last month. He is also allowed to keep three budgerigars as pets, which fly freely around the area.

As Reuters reported, filing a petition in the Oslo District Court, Breivik’s lawyer, Øystein Storvik, said that a decade-long isolation “without meaningful dialogue” has taken a serious toll on him.

Storville added that, “he is now suicidal” and “relies on the depression drug Prozac to get through the days in jail.”

However, Justice Ministry lawyers argued that Breivik should be kept away from the rest of the prisoners because of the constant security threat he poses. Describing his isolation as “relative”, the lawyers also told the court in their court filing that he meets with two inmates for an hour every week. According to Reuters, he also has contacts with health professionals, prison guards, a priest and an outside volunteer, whom Breivik no longer wants to see.

Breivik is currently serving a 21-year sentence, the longest sentence imposed by any Norwegian court for his crimes, which can be extended if he is deemed a threat to society.

According to Reuters, he sued the state in 2016 on the grounds of violations of the European Convention on Human Rights under sections that say no one should be subjected to “torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” . Although he won the first case, it was overturned a year later before any restrictions were relaxed.

The hearing will take place today in the prison gymnasium on Lake Tyrifjorden on the island of Utoya, where the scene of Breivik’s shooting is located.



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