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Mexico unveils transoceanic train connecting Gulf Coast to Pacific Ocean, see details

Mexico has begun operations on a railway line that spans the narrowest part of the country, connecting the Gulf Coast to the Pacific Ocean. The move marks a significant milestone as the current administration nears the end of its term, according to statements from officials reported by Reuters.

The newly inaugurated “Inter-Oceanic Train” will transport passengers and goods on a journey lasting about three hours. The route begins at Coatzacoalcos, a major coastal center in the state of Veracruz, and ends at Salina Cruz, a major Pacific port. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador considers this initiative necessary to encourage investment in Mexico’s economically disadvantaged southern regions.

Additionally, the Mexican government aims to attract investment from sectors including automotive manufacturers, technology companies and semiconductor producers. These industries are expected to set up operations in twelve industrial zones located near the two port cities, both of which host significant facilities of state-controlled oil firm Pemex. The Reuters report suggests that the new railway could emerge as a viable alternative to the Panama Canal, especially given the canal’s reduced operations due to the unprecedented drought this year.

López Obrador told Reuters: “All the Asian countries are very interested because Panama is at capacity”.

Nevertheless, industry analysts estimate that the railway’s capacity will remain significantly less than that of the Panama Canal. Officials indicated that additional lines connected to the primary railway would be finalized in the coming year.

An upcoming branch will connect to the Mayan Train, another high-profile initiative launched recently. Once fully operational, the Mayan Train will facilitate travel from the southern state of Chiapas to the popular tourist destination of Cancún. However, Reuters says experts have expressed concerns about the Mayan Train’s rising costs and long completion timeline.

In a related development earlier this year, Mexican authorities took control of sections of the rail network managed by Grupo Mexico’s transportation division, ensuring its integration with the Inter-Oceanic Train project following subsequent negotiations.

Additionally, López Obrador has expressed his intention to cooperate with major railway operator CPKC, which maintains a network spanning Canada and the US, terminating in Veracruz, Reuters reports.



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