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No, Rishi Sunak is not struggling to use a hammer in this video. Claim lacks context

Decision: (deceptive)

    The longer version of the video shows the craftsman instructing Sunak to hold the hammer by the edge.

What is the claim?

A video of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak using a hammer has been shared in posts on social media platforms such as Don’t even know how to use a hammer!”

The official account of the opposition Labor Party also shared the video to mock Sunak, writing, “Not the son of a tool maker… The man who swings a hammer at working people can’t swing a hammer.” Archives of such posts can be found here, here, here and here.

Post mocking Rishi Sunak for not using a hammer properly (Source: X/Modified by Rational Facts)

However, this claim is misleading due to lack of context. The truth is that Sunak was told by the craftsman to use the hammer sideways.

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What is the truth?

According to The Independent, this video of Sunak was recorded at Emma White Jewelery Studio in Farsley. It shows jeweler and jewelery teacher Emma White teaching Sunak how to hammer jewellery. The report also contains a longer unedited version of the video where White can be heard instructing Sunak to use the edge of the hammer. She picks up a hammer and points to the hammer, saying, “Let’s go with it, but you will use this piece.” Sunak comments, “Oh, sideways,” to which she replies, “Yeah.”

BBC journalist Eoin Wells also shared this extended version of the video on Twitter.

Former Conservative culture secretary Nadine Vanessa Dorries also shared the video on X to mock the prime minister, but it was removed after a longer version appeared, The Independent reports.

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The longer, unedited version of the video shows Rishi Sunak using the hammer sideways. As instructed by the craftsman. Therefore, we have marked the post as misleading.

This report first appeared logically on Facts.com, and is republished on ABP Live as part of a special arrangement.

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