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North Korea launches new spy satellites, builds drones, expands nuclear arsenal, US makes war inevitable

According to news agency Reuters report, North Korea has decided to increase its nuclear arsenal in 2024, launch three new spy satellites and build military drones. It came as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said United States policy was making war inevitable, Reuters reported on Sunday, citing state media.

Kim Jong Un criticized Washington and said, “Because of the enemies’ reckless steps to invade us, it is a destiny that war could break out on the Korean Peninsula at any time,” Reuters reported, citing state news agency KCNA. “

The North Korean leader instructed the military to be prepared to “pacify the entire area of ​​South Korea” in response to any attack, including with nuclear bombs if necessary. Kim’s comments come ahead of a year that will see elections in both South Korea and the United States.

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US President Joe Biden’s administration has said it is open to talks, but imposed new sanctions if North Korea pursues more missile tests banned under UN sanctions. Washington has also stepped up drills and deployed more military assets, including nuclear-armed submarines and large aircraft carriers, near the Korean Peninsula.

Kim said the withdrawal of such weapons would completely turn South Korea into a “forward military base and nuclear arsenal” of the United States. “If we look closely at the confrontational military actions of enemy forces, the word ‘war’ has become not an abstract concept, but a realistic reality,” Kim was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Kim also said he has no choice but to press ahead with his nuclear ambitions and build deeper ties with countries that are against the United States.

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