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‘Pitai Paratha’ video goes viral, Swiggy also joins the conversation

India’s dynamic street food landscape offers a sensory feast for both locals and visitors. From the echoing sounds of local vendors touting their specialties to the bustling energy of the busy streets, every corner offers a gastronomic adventure. The diverse flavors of the country are showcased in the spicy allure of Pani Puri, the alluring aroma coming from skewered kebabs and the crispy perfection of stuffed dosa. Amidst this culinary tapestry, a special video featuring the unconventional creation of “Pitai Paratha” has generated widespread curiosity recently.

The Instagram reel shows a street vendor using an unconventional method to prepare paratha. Instead of traditional techniques, he uses his hands to manipulate the cooked paratha, leaving the audience curious and amazed.

Check out the video here:

This unique approach led many viewers to jokingly question the fate of the paratha, with Swiggy, a popular food delivery platform, commenting with a humorous comment, “Paratha aisa ho: mujhe kyu toda??? (Why did you break me? Broke?)”.

The video quickly gained popularity and garnered tons of reactions from Instagram users. Comments ranged from light-hearted comments like, “Is he making paranthas or washing clothes?” Playful jokes like, “Bhai wanted to become a dhobi (clothes washer), but his father forced him to open a food shop”.

Others quipped about the salesman’s technique, saying “Beat him like he’s owed money” and “Nobody’s gonna say anything, bro used to do laundry”.

This is not the first time street vendors have attracted attention for their unique skills. Sometime back, another man’s remarkable talent in mixing drinks was showcased in a video shared by Anand Mahindra, highlighting the widespread appreciation for such talents within the community.



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