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Rodney Holbrook Wells Caught on Camera Cleaning Rat Man’s Shed Daily Real Life Ratatouille

16 years after its release, the animated masterpiece ‘Ratatouille’ comes to life with a photographer capturing a rat’s astonishing movements to remind us of the film and the magic it created in 2007. Every night for almost two months, rats secretly cleaned out a man’s shed in Powys, Wales, a report in The Guardian said. It all started when wildlife photographer Rodney Holbrook noticed that objects he left in place returned to where they were overnight.

He then set up a night vision camera on his workbench to find out what was happening and captured the moment that will jog memories of ‘Ratatouille’, where a rodent is secretly cooking food in a restaurant. Had been.

“This has been going on for months. I call him the Welsh Tidy Mouse. First, I noticed that some of the food I was putting out for the birds was ending up in some old shoes I was keeping in the shed , so I set up a camera,” the 75-year-old photographer told the BBC, according to The Guardian.

What the camera recorded was nothing ordinary. Night vision footage showed the industrious rat collecting clothespins, corks, nuts and bolts and placing them in a tray on Holbrook’s workbench. Holbrook continued to experiment with rodents and he deliberately left various objects behind to see if the rat could pick them up. However, the rat was determined in his work and was even seen tying a cable to the vessel.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the rat cleaning… He put all kinds of things, pieces of plastic, nuts and bolts, everything into the box. I don’t bother cleaning anymore, as That I know he’ll look at it. I leave things out of the box and by the morning they put it back in their place. Ninety-nine times out of 100 the mouse will stay clean all night,” Holbrooke told The Guardian. Was quoted as saying.



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