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28 Best Romantic Things to do in Singapore for Couples

Introduction: Welcome to Singapore for Couples

Couples can enjoy a variety of fascinating activities and attractions in Singapore, a thriving city-state in Southeast Asia, without having to spend a fortune.

Singapore offers many options for couples to make great memories together, from romantic strolls along scenic waterfronts to immersing themselves in cultural events. We’ll look at some of the top couple-friendly free activities in Singapore in this article.

Free Things to Do in Singapore for Couples: A Romantic Escape in the Lion City

Couples can enjoy a variety of fascinating activities and attractions in Singapore, a thriving city-state in Southeast Asia, without having to spend a fortune.

Singapore offers many options for couples to make great memories together, from romantic strolls along scenic waterfronts to immersing themselves in cultural events. We’ll look at some of the top couple-friendly free activities in Singapore in this article.

1. Exploring the Botanic Gardens: A Floral Paradise

Singapore’s Botanic Gardens are an oasis of unspoiled beauty that is ideal for romantic getaways. This 82-hectare beautiful oasis is home to a variety of plants and animals. Take your significant other on a leisurely stroll while you both take in the garden’s alluring sights and smells.

The National Orchid Garden, which displays a magnificent variety of orchid species, should not be missed. The National Orchid Garden requires a minor admission fee in addition to free entrance to the Botanic Gardens.

2. Strolling Hand-in-Hand at Marina Bay

A famous waterfront location, Marina Bay provides beautiful vistas and romantic moments. With your special someone, stroll gently along the waterfront promenade while taking in Singapore’s breathtaking skyline. Admire the magnificent architecture, including that of the renowned Marina Bay Sands hotel and its breathtaking rooftop infinity pool.

Catch the “Spectra,” a captivating light and water show at Marina Bay Sands, as night sets. This spellbinding show will undoubtedly give couples unforgettable moments.

3. Immersing in Culture at the Chinatown Heritage Centre

Step back in time and immerse yourselves in the rich cultural heritage of Singapore’s Chinatown. The Chinatown Heritage Centre provides a glimpse into the lives of early Chinese immigrants and the vibrant history of this ethnic enclave.

Explore the meticulously recreated shophouse rooms and streets, adorned with authentic artifacts and displays. Discover the stories of resilience, hope, and determination that shaped the Chinatown we know today. Admission to the Chinatown Heritage Centre is free for Singaporeans and permanent residents.

4. Admiring Art at the National Gallery Singapore

Art enthusiasts and couples with a love for creativity will find solace in the National Gallery Singapore. Housed within two iconic national monuments, the former Supreme Court and City Hall, this gallery showcases an extensive collection of Southeast Asian art.

From contemporary masterpieces to traditional artworks, the National Gallery Singapore offers a captivating journey through the region’s artistic heritage. Couples can enjoy free admission to the gallery’s permanent exhibitions, which feature works by renowned artists.

5. Picnic at the Spectacular Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a horticultural wonderland that will transport you to a futuristic paradise. Wander through the stunning Supertree Grove, where towering tree-like structures adorned with vertical gardens create an otherworldly ambiance.

Pack a picnic basket and relax on the lush lawns while taking in the mesmerizing views of the Marina Bay skyline. Don’t miss the iconic Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, which showcase an extraordinary variety of plant life from around the world.

While entry to the Gardens by the Bay is free, there is a fee to enter the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

6. Exploring Little India’s Vibrant Heritage

Little India is a bustling district that immerses visitors in Singapore’s rich Indian heritage and culture. Explore the lively streets of Serangoon Road while taking a leisurely stroll past the colorful storefronts and striking paintings.

At the nearby restaurants, indulge in the mouthwatering aroma of Indian spices and try some real Indian food. Don’t overlook the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, a masterwork of architecture honoring the Hindu goddess Kali.

Experience the vibrant fabric of Singapore’s multicultural society by immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Little India.

7. Unwind at Sentosa Island’s Beaches

Escape the bustling city and find solace in the sun-soaked beaches of Sentosa Island. This idyllic island retreat offers a range of free activities for couples to enjoy. Take a leisurely stroll along the sandy shores, dip your toes in the crystal-clear waters, or simply bask in the warmth of the sun.

Sentosa’s beaches provide the perfect setting for a romantic picnic or a rejuvenating sunbathing session. Unwind, relax, and create beautiful memories together on this island paradise.

8. Catching the Light Show at Supertree Grove

As the sun sets over Singapore, head to the iconic Supertree Grove in Gardens by the Bay for an enchanting light and sound show. The “Garden Rhapsody” showcases the magnificent Supertrees coming alive with a dazzling display of lights and music.

Find a cozy spot under the towering structures, and witness the magical transformation as the Supertrees illuminate the night sky. This free spectacle is a romantic and mesmerizing experience that should not be missed.

9. Feasting on Hawker Delights at Maxwell Food Centre

Singapore is renowned for its vibrant hawker culture, where you can indulge in a diverse array of mouthwatering culinary delights. Maxwell Food Centre, located in the heart of Chinatown, is a haven for food lovers. Sample local favorites such as Hainanese chicken rice, char kway teow, and laksa from the various stalls.

Grab a seat at one of the communal tables, savor the flavors, and enjoy a hearty meal together. The affordable prices and delectable dishes make Maxwell Food Centre a must-visit for couples looking to tantalize their taste buds.

10. Indulging in Retail Therapy at Bugis Street

For couples who enjoy shopping and exploring vibrant marketplaces, Bugis Street is the perfect destination. Known as Singapore’s largest street market, Bugis Street offers a plethora of shopping options, from trendy fashion boutiques to quirky souvenir stalls.

Browse through the endless array of affordable clothes, accessories, and trinkets, and find unique treasures to commemorate your visit. Immerse yourselves in the bustling atmosphere, haggle for the best deals, and enjoy a fun-filled shopping spree together.

11. Visiting the Spectacular Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Together, set off on a spiritual trek to Chinatown’s Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. A precious Buddha relic, thought to be a piece of tooth, is kept in this work of art. Take in the exquisite design elements of the temple, from the elaborate roofing to the spacious prayer hall.

Examine the exhibits and artifacts on display on the temple’s many levels, which provide information on Buddhist culture and practices. Spend a moment in quiet contemplation and discover inner serenity in each other’s company.

12. Cycling Adventure at Pulau Ubin

Escape the urban landscape and venture into the rustic charm of Pulau Ubin, a small island located northeast of mainland Singapore. Rent bicycles and embark on an adventurous cycling expedition with your partner. Explore the island’s lush forests, mangroves, and scenic coastal trails.

Discover hidden gems such as Chek Jawa Wetlands, where you can spot diverse wildlife and enjoy panoramic views. A cycling adventure on Pulau Ubin offers a refreshing break from the city and allows couples to reconnect with nature.

13. Experiencing Serenity at MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Reservoir is a tranquil oasis nestled in the heart of Singapore’s Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Lace up your walking shoes and embark on a leisurely hike along the scenic trails that surround the reservoir.

Immerse yourselves in the lush greenery, listen to the melodies of chirping birds, and breathe in the fresh air. For a romantic experience, rent a kayak and paddle across the calm waters, taking in the serene beauty of the reservoir together.

MacRitchie Reservoir offers the perfect retreat for couples seeking a peaceful and nature-filled escape.

14. Soaking Up the Sun at East Coast Park

East Coast Park is a beloved recreational spot where couples can enjoy a delightful day under the sun. This sprawling park stretches along the scenic coastline and offers a multitude of activities. Rent a bicycle built for two and explore the park’s extensive cycling paths, or simply take a leisurely stroll along the sandy shores.

Pack a picnic basket and enjoy a romantic picnic while watching the waves gently caress the shore. East Coast Park provides a picturesque setting for couples to unwind, reconnect, and create lasting memories.

15. Enjoying the Tranquility of Labrador Nature Reserve

Nestled in the southern part of Singapore, Labrador Nature Reserve offers couples a peaceful retreat amidst lush greenery and coastal landscapes. Explore the nature reserve’s trails that wind through secondary forests, leading to picturesque viewpoints and secluded beaches.

Admire the rugged cliffs and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding islands. Labrador Nature Reserve is an ideal spot for couples to enjoy a quiet escape from the bustling city and revel in the beauty of nature.

16. Exploring the Quirky Haji Lane

For couples seeking a unique and eclectic experience, Haji Lane is a must-visit destination. Located in the vibrant Kampong Glam district, Haji Lane is known for its colorful shophouses and bohemian atmosphere. Explore the narrow alleyways lined with independent boutiques, vintage stores, and quirky cafes.

Discover hidden gems, unique fashion finds, and enjoy the vibrant street art that adorns the walls. Haji Lane offers a whimsical and charming experience for couples who appreciate the unconventional.

17. Witnessing the Majestic Thian Hock Keng Temple

Step into the splendor of Thian Hock Keng Temple, one of Singapore’s oldest and most revered Hokkien temples. Marvel at the intricate architecture and ornate details of this historical landmark. Admire the vibrant ceramic figurines, elaborate carvings, and beautifully crafted statues that adorn the temple.

Take a moment to light incense sticks and offer prayers for a blissful relationship. Thian Hock Keng Temple is a testament to Singapore’s multicultural heritage and provides a serene and spiritual setting for couples to embrace.

18. Discovering the Southern Ridges Trail

Take a 10-kilometer picturesque journey connecting Singapore’s parks and nature reserves known as the Southern Ridges Trail. Start your tour in Mount Faber Park to take in the expansive views of the harbor and the metropolitan skyline.

The Henderson Waves, Singapore’s tallest pedestrian bridge, and the Forest Walk’s treetop walkways are on the trail. Get lost in the thick vegetation and savor the peace of the surrounding landscape.

Couples can enjoy an energetic outdoor adventure while appreciating Singapore’s natural beauty by taking the Southern Ridges Trail.

19. Immersing in the Breathtaking Jurong Bird Park

Escape to the enchanting world of Jurong Bird Park, an avian paradise that houses a diverse collection of bird species. Wander through the immersive exhibits and marvel at the colorful plumage and graceful movements of the birds.

Don’t miss the captivating bird shows, where you can witness the intelligence and agility of these feathered creatures up close. With its lush landscapes and interactive experiences, Jurong Bird Park provides a delightful opportunity for couples to connect with nature and create memorable moments together.

Admission fees apply for Jurong Bird Park but keep an eye out for promotions and discounted tickets.

20. Marveling at the Spectacular Merlion Park

The famous Merlion Park must be visited during every trip to Singapore. The renowned Merlion statue—a fabled monster with the head of a lion and the body of a fish—can be found in this park, which is close to Marina Bay.

Admire the imposing statue while taking in the expansive views of the city skyline and Marina Bay Sands. Take a memorable photo in front of the Merlion while enjoying a stroll around the waterfront promenade with your special someone.

Merlion Park is a must-see sight for couples and a representation of Singapore’s identity.

21. Exploring the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Escape the city’s bustle and lose yourself in the tranquility of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The 82 hectares of this UNESCO World Heritage Site’s beautiful oasis are home to an amazing variety of flora and fauna. Take a leisurely stroll through the numerous themed gardens, such as the National Orchid Garden, which features a stunning assortment of orchid varieties.

Find quiet retreats like Swan Lake, where you may watch elegant swans swimming over the river. A tranquil refuge in the middle of the city, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a romantic haven for couples.

22. Appreciating the Beauty of Bukit Batok Nature Park

Bukit Batok Nature Park is a hidden gem that provides couples with a tranquil getaway from the city. This park, which is found in Singapore’s western region, offers verdant scenery, lovely walking paths, and a peaceful quarry lake. With your spouse, take a leisurely stroll along the trails while you take in the views and sounds of nature.

Admire how the quarry lake’s tranquil waters mirror the imposing cliffs, providing a beautiful backdrop with its picturesque scenery. Couples can relax and interact in a serene environment at Bukit Batok Nature Park.

23. Romantic Evening at the Singapore River

Spend a special evening together beside the lovely Singapore River, as the city’s famous skyline comes to life. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the riverbanks while being illuminated by the captivating lights of the nearby structures.

Take in the breathtaking views while enjoying a romantic dinner at one of the riverbank establishments.

Take a river tour and be amazed by the amazing architecture, including the old shophouses along Boat Quay and the contemporary skyscrapers of Marina Bay. Couples can have an enthralling and passionate evening on the Singapore River.

24. Cultural Extravaganza at the Esplanade

Singapore’s Esplanade, sometimes known as the “Durian,” is a distinctive arena for performing arts. Visit this renowned venue for a free performance or exhibition and experience a cultural explosion.

From musical performances to theatrical shows and art installations, The Esplanade hosts a diverse range of artistic activities. Take a stroll down the waterfront promenade with your significant other and take in the stunning views of Marina Bay.

At The Esplanade, couples may experience the enthralling cultural environment of Singapore and admire the arts.

25. Savoring the Serenity of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is a lush rainforest located in the heart of Singapore. Escape the urban landscape and embark on a nature-filled adventure with your partner.

Hike to the summit of Bukit Timah Hill, the highest natural point in Singapore, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding greenery.

Discover the rich biodiversity of the reserve as you encounter native plant species and listen to the melodious songs of birds. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve offers couples a peaceful retreat where they can connect with nature and create lasting memories.

26. 26. Discover Art at Gillman Barracks

Art enthusiasts will appreciate a visit to Gillman Barracks, an art enclave that houses numerous contemporary art galleries. Explore the exhibitions and installations, showcasing the works of local and international artists.

Engage in thought-provoking conversations as you appreciate the beauty and creativity of modern art.

27. Immerse in Nature at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Nature-loving couples should not miss Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, a haven for wildlife and birdwatching. Explore the mangrove forests, boardwalks, and observation hides as you spot various bird species and marvel at the tranquility of the wetlands.

It’s a perfect escape from the urban jungle and an opportunity to connect with nature.

28. Visit the bustling Bugis Street Market

Indulge in a shopping spree and vibrant atmosphere at the Bugis Street Market. Browse through countless stalls selling fashion items, accessories, and souvenirs at affordable prices. It’s a fantastic place to find unique keepsakes to remember your trip.

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Singapore offers a wealth of free activities for couples to enjoy, ensuring memorable experiences without straining their wallets. From exploring the breathtaking Gardens by the Bay to immersing in the cultural heritage of Chinatown, couples can create cherished moments while discovering the beauty of the Lion City.

So, pack your bags, embark on an unforgettable journey, and make the most of the free things to do in Singapore for couples.


[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Is Singapore good for couples?” answer-0=”Yes, Singapore is a wonderful destination for couples. The city offers a range of romantic activities, from exploring lush gardens like Gardens by the Bay to enjoying the vibrant nightlife in Clarke Quay. With its diverse dining scene and breathtaking views, Singapore provides ample opportunities for couples to create lasting memories.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Where couples can go in Singapore?” answer-1=”Couples can explore Gardens by the Bay, enjoy a romantic dinner cruise along the Singapore River, visit Sentosa Island for its beaches and attractions, take a sunset walk at Marina Bay Sands, experience the beauty of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, and indulge in the city’s diverse culinary scene for a memorable time together.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Is Singapore a romantic city?” answer-2=”Yes, Singapore is often considered a romantic city. Its blend of modern architecture and lush green spaces creates a charming ambiance. Couples can enjoy romantic walks along the waterfront, dine in intimate settings, and explore beautiful gardens and picturesque spots, making it a perfect destination for a romantic getaway.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h2″ question-3=”How can I spend my romantic day in Singapore?” answer-3=”Start with a leisurely breakfast at a cozy cafe, followed by a stroll through Gardens by the Bay. Enjoy a romantic lunch cruise along the Singapore River, visit a spa for couples’ treatments, and then head to Sentosa Island for sunset at the beach. End the day with a candlelit dinner overlooking the cityscape.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]



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