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Russian President Vladimir Putin praises Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India-Russia relations Business

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said he cannot be intimidated or forced to take decisions contrary to India’s. Putin further said that he was surprised by India’s tough stance on protecting its national interests.

“I cannot imagine that Modi can be intimidated, threatened or forced to take any action, step and decision which is contrary to the national interests of India and the Indian people. And there is such pressure, I know. Well , That and I never even talk about it. I just observe what is happening from the outside, and sometimes, to be honest, I am impressed by his tough stance to protect the national interests of the Indian state. I am also surprised,” Putin was quoted as saying by the Russian Presidential Office at the 14th VTB Investment Forum ‘Russia Calling’.

‘Progressively developing’: Putin on India-Russia relations

Speaking at the forum ‘Russia Calling’, Putin also highlighted bilateral relations between India and Russia and said relations between the two countries are “progressively developing” in all directions. Putin said that the ‘policy’ adopted by PM Modi is the main ‘guarantor’ of relations between the two countries.

On what the two countries can do to accelerate the expansion of bilateral trade, Putin said, “I would like to say that relations between Russia and India are progressively developing in all directions, and the main guarantor of this is the cooperation adopted by the Prime Minister. The policy is gone.” Mr. Modi. He belongs to the group of world political figures about whom I spoke without naming them,” as quoted by news agency ANI.

Putin on trade between India and Russia

Addressing the forum, the Russian President said that trade turnover between India and Russia is ‘growing’. “Last year it was $35 billion a year, and in the first half of this year it was already $33.5 billion. That is, the growth will be significant. Yes, we all understand that, to a large extent, India gets the priorities For discounts on Russian energy resources. Well, he is actually doing the right thing,” Putin said as quoted by ANI.

“If I were in their place, I would do the same if the situation had developed this way. They make money, and that’s right. But, of course, this is not enough. We have much more opportunities. In the global ranking of world economies based on purchasing power parity and economic volume, India is at third place in the list and Russia is at fifth place.”

“Let me remind you, China, the United States, India, Japan, Russia. The three largest economies in the world based on purchasing power parity. Of course, if our trade turnover with China this year is close to 200 billion, It would be right for us to extend this with India,” the Russian President further said.

Putin said he would discuss the North-South Corridor with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. He further said that according to the Russian President’s Office, India is interested in implementing such routes. He stressed that the Northern Sea Route needs to be developed, calling it “a very promising direction in the field of logistics.”



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