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Senior Vatican officials support married Catholic priesthood

Archbishop Charles Scicluna, a senior Vatican official, has pressed for Catholic priests to be allowed to marry, saying it is time for the Roman Catholic Church to think seriously about the celibacy rule, although he acknowledged that the church There is still room for it because he has supported this proposal. An alternative to marriage for priests.

Malta’s Archbishop Charles Scicluna, who is also an adviser to Pope Francis, told the Times of Malta, “This is probably the first time I am saying this publicly and it will seem heretical to some people.”

“If it were up to me, I would modify the requirement for priests to be celibate,” he said, adding, “Experience has shown me that this is something we need to think seriously about.”

Scicluna, who is known for investigating sex abuse crimes, said that priests were previously allowed to marry. He said, “It was optional for the first millennium of the Church’s existence and it should be optional again.” He said that marriages were permitted in Catholic churches of the Oriental rite.

Suggesting the need to reconsider priestly celibacy, he said that many good priests were lost because they chose marriage. He said, “Why should we lose a young man who could have made a good priest, just because he chose to marry? And we lose good priests just because they chose marriage.”

He said, “A man can be mature, engage in relationships, love a woman. As it is, he must choose between her and the priesthood, and some priests are secretly in passionate relationships. Let’s engage and face it.”

The debate over allowing Catholic priests to marry has gone on for centuries, and in 2021 the Pope rejected a proposal to ordain older married men to remote areas of the Amazon. As Scicluna’s latest comments have once again sparked discussion, opponents believe that celibacy allows priests to devote themselves entirely to the Church.



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