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Suspicious hole found in security of Hindon airbase IAF Indian Air Force Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh

Indian Air Force (IAF) officials have denied any breach in security after the discovery of a suspicious pit adjacent to the boundary wall of Air Force Station Hindon. Addressing the concerns, he said the integrity of the border wall remains intact, and the reported holes are being investigated by local police.

“There has been no breach of security at AF Station Hindon. The integrity of the border wall remains intact. The reasons behind the small hole seen from outside on the outer border wall are being investigated by the local police. Location of excavation -above The area is outside the perimeter wall of the Air Force station. “The entire perimeter wall including this particular area is covered by CCTV cameras,” Indian Air Force officials clarified, according to news agency ANI.

The discovery of a four-feet deep and wide crater adjacent to the strategically important Hindon airbase has raised concerns. According to news agency PTI report, the local police suspected the possibility of an infiltration attempt and immediately started investigation by registering a First Information Report (FIR) in the matter.

The crater was spotted near Iqbal Colony and local people informed the Tila Mod police station on Sunday night. Responding quickly, both police and Air Force officials investigated the pothole, later an FIR was registered.

“It could be a case of people trying to dig a tunnel to enter the premises,” Shubham Patel, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Trans Hindon, was quoted as saying by PTI. He said the police are investigating the incident from various angles while acknowledging the possibility of infiltration attempt by anti-national elements or any terrorist organisation.

The pit has been temporarily filled with mud and soil and officials are keeping a strict vigil. Hindon Air Base, located just 10-12 kilometers from Delhi, is the largest airbase in Asia and comes under the Western Air Command.

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