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Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said on Sunday that Chinese spy balloons were spotted over the Taiwan Strait.

Following recent complaints from Taiwan’s Defense Ministry against Chinese spy balloons, the ministry once again found three of them flying over the Taiwan Strait on Sunday, Reuters reports.

According to Reuters, days before crucial Taiwanese elections on January 13, the Taiwanese ministry earlier in a statement accused China of threatening aviation safety and waging psychological warfare on people living on the island with its spy balloons .

China’s Defense Ministry did not respond to these complaints and had earlier last month also refused to comment on the balloons.

According to Reuters, Chinese spy balloons became a global cause of concern last February when one of them was shot down over the United States, it was said to be a Chinese surveillance balloon. However, China described it as a civilian aircraft that may have strayed into US airspace by mistake.

Taiwan is on high alert ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections on Saturday, January 13, due to Chinese military and political activities. Taiwan’s statement also revealed that China is applying military and economic pressure with the intention of intervening. Upcoming elections, Reuters reports.

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has reported several cases of Chinese balloons flying over the Taiwan Strait, some of which were spotted near its major airports on the island, which China considers its territory.

Taiwan reported there were three balloons that flew over the sensitive midline of the strait, and one of them even passed Taiwan Island at its southern tip, before disappearing to the east, according to a daily report issued by the ministry on Monday. . , according to Reuters.

Hsiao Bi-khim, vice-presidential candidate of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), called on China to stop harassing Taiwan. Jo Shou-kong, the vice-presidential candidate of Taiwan’s largest opposition party Kuomintang (KMT), also asked China to stop sending warships and aircraft to the strait, Reuters reported.

On the other hand, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office reiterated that the median line of the strait “does not exist” and that Taiwan’s DPP is “exaggerating the threat from the mainland as the elections approach.”



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