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Tips for a night time skin and hair care routine

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, night time often becomes a sanctuary of self-care. This is the time when we rest, refresh and focus on nourishing ourselves. Among the essential rituals of self-care, a comprehensive nighttime skin care and hair care routine stands out. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the world of night-time beauty regimens, discovering tips, tricks, and products to help you get glowing skin and shiny hair.

Talking about why nighttime hair and skin routine matters, Dr Kritu Bhandari, MD in Dermatology and Cosmetology, and Founder of Origin Clinic, said, “Night time holds a special place in our daily life. When we sleep, our body is hard at work undergoing its natural repair processes. During this time, blood flow to the skin increases, allowing for better absorption of nutrients and active ingredients. As a result, a well-crafted nighttime beauty routine can enhance these processes, leading to healthier skin and hair.”

Nighttime Skin Care Routine:

Prachi Bhandari, who is the co-founder and head of research at Aminu Skin Care, mentioned the following:

  • clean: Your night routine should start with double cleansing. Firstly, use an oil-based makeup remover like Aminu’s Melting Balm Cleanser and massage it gently in circular motions for 30-50 seconds. This ritual wipes away the day’s residue — dirt, mineral sunscreen, excess oil and even stubborn waterproof makeup. Follow your regular face cleanser. Double cleaning ensures that all incoming product can penetrate effectively.
  • mask: Two to three times a week, indulge your skin in a revitalizing experience with a peat-based mask like Aminu’s Nordic Mud Mask. Apply it and leave it for just two minutes. This quick mask oxygenates and energizes it from within and your skin will emerge glowing with health and vitality.
  • Treatment: Once your skin is prepped, it’s time for the magic potion – the serum! Serums are formulated to address specific skin concerns and goals. This phase is where you can customize your routine based on your specific needs. Be it hydration, protection, barrier repair, improved anti-aging, or pigmentation control, a targeted serum can work wonders.
  • damp: Night creams are your skin’s best friend. They provide an extra layer of protection, flood your skin with nutrients and help soothe various concerns. When applying night cream, remember to extend your care to the neck using gentle upward strokes. Neglecting the neck is a common mistake, but it is essential if you want to look youthful.
  • shine: The finale of your nightly skin care ritual is the application of a lightweight facial oil like Aminu’s Radiance Face Oil. These multi-active face oils offer a myriad of benefits from improved elasticity to even skin tone and a stronger skin barrier. What sets this step apart is the relaxing massage done while applying the oil. Light strokes stimulate circulation and enhance absorption of these powerful oils.

Why should you keep separate day and night creams?

Dr. Gagan Bhatia, founder of Unikaya, said the following:

  • During the day: Your skin faces challenges ranging from sun exposure to environmental pollutants. Day cream is like a shield, equipped with SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It also hydrates, ensuring that your skin remains supple all day long.
  • At night: Your skin’s natural repair begins as soon as you sleep, making night creams essential. These creams are thick and contain ingredients like retinol and hyaluronic acid, which help repair damaged cells, improve elasticity and combat the signs of aging.

By using separate day and night creams, you maximize sun protection during the day while at night your skin gets the nourishment it needs. Day creams focus on hydration and protection, while night creams target specific concerns.
So, give your skin the treatment it deserves, day and night, and watch it glow with gratitude.

Night time hair care routine:

In this regard, Dr. Kritu Bhandari listed the following:

  • Scalp Health: Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Massaging your scalp with natural oils can improve blood circulation, stimulate hair follicles and provide relief from dryness or dandruff.
  • Hair Mask: Use a hair mask once a week for deep conditioning. These treatments nourish your hair, repair damage and add shine.
  • Security: Consider investing in silk pillowcases. Its smooth surface reduces friction, reducing breakage and hair loss while you sleep.



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