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Tips for the bride and groom to improve their look on their big day

Personal style is important. Mix and match elements that match your personal tastes while incorporating the latest trends to make your outfits stand out during the wedding season. When considering accessories, think about incorporating statement jewelry and don’t underestimate the impact of a fashionable clutch or tote bag. But, if you are still confused about what to do, don’t worry! Here are some tips and tricks shared by experts that will definitely help you ace your style game.

Tips for lehenga lovers:

Sahib Singh Bhatia, fashion head and creative director of Amare, said, “Exploring different ways of draping the dupatta can improve the overall look. By arranging the dupatta into better pleats, the focus shifts to the skirt and blouse. “Opt for traditional draping or experiment with innovative styles like one-shoulder drape, pleated dupatta, or stylish side drape to create a contemporary appearance.”

“A number of footwear options, including high-heeled sneakers that are often hidden beneath skirts, offer versatility when paired with lehengas. Carefully chosen, they can complement your ensemble beautifully. Whether traditional juttis, embroidered “Whether opting for pointed heels, or high-heeled sneakers, prioritize comfort while maintaining a stylish presence for your outfit. Keep jewelery to a minimum, focusing on one impactful piece,” he said.

Know these secrets of saree:

Parth Khanna, a jewelery designer at DRK Jewels, said, “The growing trend of pairing vintage and evergreen sarees with fresh jewelery adds a touch of family history to the modern flair. Banarasi silk sarees pair beautifully with statement earrings. Similarly, minimal anklets or vertical bangles enhance the intricately woven traditional sarees.”

“Stackable bracelets or cuffs are excellent options to give a new look to vintage style printed sarees, reflecting the timeless beauty of Indian culture. The mix of ancestral sarees and modern jewelery is not just a style choice; it is a testament to “The enduring beauty of family stories lies with the promise of tomorrow,” he said.

Best Color Combination:

Shakti Piplani, founder and CEO of Increate Jewelery Institute, said, “The choice of wedding saree can definitely influence the choice of jewellery. These days when the younger generation wants to wear traditional attire, for example the old heritage Be it saree or lehenga, they want to combine it with modern jewellery. Gen Z brides have refined their taste in mixing and matching.”

Here are some power tips for young brides:

  • Make sure that the colors of the saree and jewelery match each other. Harmonious color combinations give a visually appealing look.
  • fabric Jewelery plays an important role in selection. Heavy silk sarees can match well with intricate and traditional jewellery, while a lighter saree can be paired with more delicate and modern jewellery. Combine traditional gold or silver with modern metals like rose gold or platinum. This can create a unique and eclectic look.
  • Choose modern jewelery with contemporary designs and silhouettes. For example, sleek and minimalist necklaces or geometrically shaped earrings can complement a traditional saree.
  • The key is to strike a balance between traditional and modern elements, creating a look that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident on your special day.

A look at men’s evergreen jewelery trends

In contemporary times, influenced by changing social norms and a growing appreciation for personal style, men’s jewelery has experienced a renaissance. Social media and Gen Z culture have encouraged men to experiment with new designs. This wedding season, it’s time for men to step up their style game. Adding the right jewelery to your outfit can enhance your look and make a lasting impression.

Here are some tips suggested by Revati Kant, Chief Design Officer at Titan:

  • Gold chain: Gold chains have always held a special place in men’s jewellery, effortlessly transcending trends to become a timeless symbol of sophistication. Whether worn in sleek, minimalistic designs or adopted as bold, chunky statements, these chains effortlessly adapt to various occasions. Their versatility is further enhanced by the contemporary trend of possessing multiple chains, allowing men to add a modern and stylish edge to traditional ensembles.
  • Solitaire Rings: Solitaire rings, the epitome of restrained luxury, grace the fingers of discerning men seeking a sophisticated and classic touch. The allure lies in their simplicity, a single, well-placed diamond or gemstone makes a powerful statement. In addition to being a symbol of commitment in wedding bands, solitaire rings serve as standalone accessories, seamlessly transitioning from casual to formal settings, and epitomize timeless elegance.

  • Solitaire earrings: In the realm of men’s jewellery, solitaire earrings bring a touch of modern elegance and subtle sparkle. With a diamond or gemstone beautifully adorning the ear, these earrings strike a balance between sophistication and contemporary flair. Suitable for both daytime and evening events, solitaire earrings have become an essential accessory for men who want to enhance their overall style.

  • Bracelet/Kada: Wrist adornments in the form of bracelets and bangles hold an essential place in men’s jewelery collection. Offering a variety of materials from classic gold to contemporary alloys, these accessories cater to diverse tastes. The stacking trend has gained prominence, allowing for personalized and creative styling, making bracelets and bangles integral in expressing one’s unique fashion sensibilities.

  • Multi-String Necklace: Adding a touch of bohemian flair, multi-string necklaces have become a distinctive trend in men’s jewellery. Beyond their decorative value, these necklaces create a textured, layered look that matches seamlessly with both casual and semi-formal attire. The use of mixed materials, such as beads, metals and stones, adds a level of visual interest and exclusivity, defining a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic.

  • brooch: The charming and sophisticated brooch has re-emerged as a remarkable accessory that adds sophistication to formal attire. With versatile placement options including lapels and ties, the brooch offers men an opportunity for creative expression. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, brooches often hold personal significance, adding a meaningful touch to the overall ensemble.

  • Sirpech/Kalgi: The Sarpech or Kalgi, traditionally worn over the turban, has a regal and formal charm. These ornate headpieces aren’t just accessories; They are symbolic representations of heritage and cultural identity. Despite traditionally being reserved for special occasions, contemporary designs adapt the sarpeche and kalgi to a variety of events, combining tradition with modern sensibilities.
  • Polki Rings: Polki rings, with their vintage charm and uncut diamonds, create a sense of heritage and timeless beauty. Featuring intricate craftsmanship and antique finish, these rings are often chosen for festive occasions, offering a unique blend of elegance and historical charm. Across the spectrum of men’s evergreen jewelery trends, polki rings stand as testament to the enduring appeal of vintage aesthetics.

Cost Effective Outfit Solutions:

Cost-effective wedding solutions are more than just a necessity; They represent the belief in celebrating love without financial stress. The approach revolves around redefining traditional norms, ensuring that beauty and sophistication remain within the reach of every couple.

In this regard, Aanchal Saini, who is the CEO of Flyrobe, said, “The carefully curated selection of designer dresses available for rent reflects this approach. It is about offering a gateway to luxury without the burden of ownership. Whether it’s a stunning bridal gown or a perfectly tailored tuxedo, the diverse range caters to diverse tastes, making every member of the wedding party feel extraordinary.



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