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Top resolutions for best eye health

By Dr. Sujatha TS, Zonal Head – Clinical Services, Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital

Vision plays a major role in one’s life. It is not easy to protect your eyes in everyday busy life. Here are the following New Year’s resolution tips that anyone can keep in mind to maintain their eyesight.

Reduce Screen Time:

Prolonged exposure to mobile or computer can cause eye strain, dryness, headache etc. Reducing screen time allows one to spend more time with loved ones or enrich one’s other resolutions.

Eat Healthy – Sea Healthy:

A person should include more leafy green vegetables, carrots, salmon and green chillies in his diet. By incorporating a healthy diet along with other eye-healthy habits, a person can enjoy better eye health overall. Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for overall health.

Wearing sunglasses and protective eye gear:

One should protect one’s eyes from prolonged exposure to sunlight and dust by wearing sunglasses. Workers in factories should maintain the habit of working with protective eye equipment.


Maintaining proper eye hygiene is an important eye care tip to maintain healthy vision. Avoid using old makeup products. After applying eye makeup, one should take care to maintain proper hygiene. Avoid self-medication, avoid using over-the-counter topical medications yourself to avoid any harm.

Beware of visual symptoms:

Here are some signs of visual problems that everyone should be aware of and should visit an ophthalmologist if they have any of the following:

  • red eye
  • blurred vision
  • Floaters/flashes of light – which may indicate some retinal pathology
  • light sensitivity
  • night blindness

Regular follow up:

Last but not least, one should commit to visiting their ophthalmologist at least once a year for a detailed evaluation to maintain their vision.

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