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Types of Hindu Marriage, 8 Types from Brahmin Marriage to Vampire Marriage

Hindu Marriage: Marriage is the most important and beautiful stage of life. Marriage is the thirteenth sacrament among the 16 sacraments of Hindu religion. If we talk about today, we often hear about love marriage and arranged marriage, but do you know how many types of marriages there are? What is the marriage called in which the bride and groom garland each other? Let us know some interesting information related to marriage.

How many types of marriages are there?

Marriage is not just the union of two individuals; It is considered a religious rite in Hinduism. Hinduism recognizes eight main types of marriages, the highest being Brahmin marriage and the lowest being vampire marriage. These eight types include: Brahmin, Daiva, Arsha, Prajapatya, Asura, Gandharva, Rakshasa and Pishacha marriages.

  • Brahmin marriage – Brahmin marriage is included in 16 rituals. This happens with the consent of both the bride and groom. Vedic customs and rules are followed in this marriage. Various rituals like checking lineage, caste, horoscope matching, applying turmeric paste, door puja, recitation of auspicious shlokas and exchange of garlands are observed. It is necessary to choose an auspicious time for this marriage.

  • God Marriage – In this marriage, the marriage is performed for a specific purpose, such as serving a deity or performing religious duties, and the bride marries a particular groom with her consent. It is considered a moderate form of marriage.

  • Arsha Marriage – According to the scriptures, this marriage is related to sages. In this marriage, the sadhu marries his daughter by giving her a cow and a bull as a wedding gift. This is done for religious reasons rather than to determine bride price.

  • Prajapatya marriage – In this marriage, the bride’s father instructs the newly married couple to lead a family life after marriage. A special ceremony takes place before this marriage and according to Yajnavalkya, the child born from this marriage is considered pure.

  • Asura marriage – In this type of marriage, the groom buys the bride by paying some money from her relatives. In this type the consent of the bride is not important.

  • Gandharva marriage – In Gandharva marriage, the boy and girl express their love for each other and then get married with the consent of their parents. In the present era, love marriage is similar to Gandharva marriage.

  • demon marriage – This type of marriage is against the wishes of the bride. The groom forcibly kidnapped the bride and got married. It is considered a condemnable form of marriage.

  • vampire marriage – It is considered the lowest form of marriage. In this, the groom, after committing a crime against the woman, marries her without her consent, by deception or while she is unconscious.

These types of marriages provide a diverse perspective on the customs and rituals associated with a Hindu marriage.



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