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UK tightens immigration rules, minimum wage limit increased by one third

United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced strict new immigration rules on Monday, which he said would reduce the number of people able to visit Britain. Hundreds of thousands each year. This decision will affect approximately 300,000 people who will no longer be eligible to enter the UK. Under the new rules, immigrants will have to earn more to get a work visa and it will be harder to bring family members to the UK.

Other measures include barring foreign health workers from bringing their family members on visas, increasing the surcharge expatriates must pay to access healthcare to about 66 percent, and raising the minimum income for family visas. Reported by news agency Reuters.

Speaking about these measures, Sunak said, “Immigration is too high. Today we are taking radical action to reduce it,” Reuters reported. He went to X to announce this decision and said he was determined to tackle the high immigration issue.

According to Reuters, annual net migration to the United Kingdom reached a record of 745,000 in 2022 and has remained at high levels since then.

Home Secretary James Cleverley said he was taking “tough action” to reduce authorized immigration. He said the minimum wage threshold for foreign skilled workers would be raised to £38,700 from the current level of £26,200, however, health and social workers would be exempt. British citizens who want to bring their overseas spouse to Britain will have to earn the same amount – almost double the current limit.

Overseas care workers will no longer be able to bring dependent relatives with them to the UK and care providers can only sponsor migrant workers who are engaged in activities regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

The UK will not only end the 20 per cent salary rebate for deficient occupations but also introduce an immigration salary list that will be reviewed by the Migration Advisory Committee.

Measures to counter the increase in the number of students bringing their family members are already in place and are expected to have a significant impact on net migration. Starting in January, most foreign graduate students will also no longer be able to bring family members to the UK.

These measures have been criticized by opposition leaders, who have said that they are not only counterproductive but will also prove to be a challenge for the private sector and state-run health services, which are already facing shortage of workers, as That has been reported by Reuters.



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