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US to send $250 million in military aid to Ukraine before Congress approves more funding request

The United States on Wednesday announced a $250 million military aid package to Ukraine. According to the US State Department, the latest package includes air defense, artillery, small arms ammunition and anti-tank weapons. However, this will be the last of such packages unless the US Congress approves more funding requests by the Joe Biden administration.

“This package provides up to US$250 million of arms and equipment under previously directed waivers for Ukraine,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement, according to ANI. “The capabilities provided in today’s package include air defense munitions, other air defense system components, additional ammunition for high mobility artillery rocket systems, 155 mm and 105 mm artillery ammunition, anti- Armor ammunition and over 15 million rounds of ammunition.”

Although the war effort has broad support in the US Congress, according to the BBC, Republicans have blocked any agreement on further arms deals and have insisted that strict security measures on the US-Mexico border will prevent any military aid. Should be part of the agreement. However, Ukraine has warned that the war effort and its public finances are at risk if further Western aid is not provided.

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With counter-offensive stalled in the eastern region and minimal changes along the Line of Control, Ukrainian officials face the prospect of reduced support from Washington and allies in Europe.

Earlier this month, an emergency spending measure failed in the Senate that aimed to allocate $50 billion for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel. Notably, every Republican voted against the measure, plus Bernie Sanders, an independent who typically aligns with Democrats. He has expressed objection to Israel’s military actions against Hamas. Subsequently, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky failed to impress lawmakers.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Hungary blocked a €50 billion ($55 billion; £43 billion) aid package proposed by the European Union for Ukraine. The blow comes at a critical juncture for Ukraine, which is struggling with a huge budget deficit of $43 billion (33.6 billion pounds). Ukrainian officials say they may have to delay salaries and pensions for government workers if additional military aid from the West does not arrive soon.

The United States has been the top donor country when it comes to military aid to Ukraine. In recent weeks, the US has unveiled two security packages for Ukraine, worth $200 million and $175 million respectively.



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