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Video shows Japan passengers’ terrifying experience inside burning plane

A Japan Airlines plane caught fire after an alleged collision with a coast guard plane at Tokyo-Haneda Airport on Tuesday (January 2), with videos from inside the plane captured to capture the tense moments experienced by passengers . Video from inside the burning plane showed passengers panicking as flames rose from the belly of the plane.

A video, believed to have been recorded by a passenger, shows an orange glow and smoke coming from the bottom of the plane after landing. The visuals are also accompanied by the distinctive sound of the aircraft’s wheels and the intermittent chime of the seatbelt symbol.

Another brief three-second clip shows the interior of the smoke-filled cabin. Amidst the chaos, a passenger is seen quickly adjusting his face mask while trying to protect himself from the surrounding smoke. The cabin atmosphere is further intensified by the audible screams of fellow passengers, underscoring the palpable fear and urgency.

Although all 379 passengers and crew evacuated safely before the flames completely consumed the plane, the extent of the injuries remains uncertain. On the contrary, reports have confirmed the loss of five lives on board the Coast Guard aircraft, while one person has been injured.

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Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has launched an investigation into the incident. The crash at Tokyo-Haneda, one of the world’s busiest airports, came just a day after Japan grappled with devastating earthquakes that killed nearly 50 people. Local media reports suggest that the coast guard plane was en route to a rescue operation to assist people affected by the 2024 seismic events.

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