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Virgin Atlantic founder takes off on first transatlantic flight using 100 percent pure SAF

The first transatlantic flight by a commercial airliner using 100 percent pure sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) took off from Heathrow in the UK on Tuesday. The Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 Dreamliner flight to New York JFK, US, touched the Heathrow horizon shortly before 12am. Virgin Atlantic’s founder, Richard Branson, and British Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, were on the flight. However, there was no paying passenger accompanying him on the journey.

Branson took to X to share his excitement about the trip and wrote, “So proud to join @VirginAtlantic’s Flight100 today, the world’s first 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) transatlantic flight by a commercial airline. Is.”

According to an NDTV report, before boarding the flight, the Virgin Atlantic founder said, “The world will always believe that something can’t be done until you do it. The spirit of innovation is flowing out of there.” And trying to prove that we can.” Do better for the benefit of all.”

Virgin Atlantic posted a video of the flight, writing, “History at 38,000 feet. Virgin Atlantic is currently flying the world’s first 100% sustainable aviation fuel flight by a commercial airline across the Atlantic. Flight 100 is over a year long revolutionary journey Marks the culmination of cross-industry collaboration to take it to the skies.

Tuesday’s Virgin Atlantic flight, partly funded by the UK government, has been hailed by the aviation industry and ministers as a demonstration of the potential to significantly cut net carbon emissions from flying, although scientists and environmental groups are highly sceptical. Are in.

According to the UK government, this is a major milestone in the journey to make air travel more eco-friendly. This becomes even more important at this time as the world moves towards the goal of achieving net zero by 2050.

The airline previously flew on a blend of up to 50% alternative fuels, called sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and operated with no paying passengers under the VS100 special waiver, producing mostly tallow and other waste. Uses fuel made from products.

Before take-off the Transport Secretary said the government would “continue to support the UK’s emerging SAF industry as it creates jobs, grows the economy and takes us to net zero”.

According to news agency AFP, the UK government announced in December 2022 that it was providing up to $1.26 million in support of the project, which will be led by Virgin in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, US aircraft manufacturer Boeing and British engine manufacturer Rolls Royce. being done. Royce.



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