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Waterlogging in Dubai due to heavy rains in UAE, police issued advisory regarding visible surface

After heavy rains and storms lashed parts of the UAE, roads in Dubai were inundated and flooded. Residents were warned to stay away from beaches and indoors during flooding, while transportation and aircraft operations were also disrupted. People in Dubai posted videos of heavy rain on social media.

As heavy rain lashed the UAE on Friday morning, Dubai Police warned motorists to take necessary precautions in case their vehicles get damaged due to rain.

Police highlighted the need to photograph or videotape any damage before going to the local police station to give a full report in order to make an insurance claim. The advisory comes after heavy rains and storms that have affected parts of the UAE.

Motorists are asked to follow Dubai Police’s overall safety guidelines, including slowing down, maintaining a safe distance from the roadside, using low-beam headlights for better visibility and ensuring that The windscreen and brakes are in good working order.

According to the forecast for the next several days, the sky will be partly cloudy and there is a possibility of rain further.

The weather in the UAE has caused some flight disruptions at Dubai’s major airport, according to a representative of operator Dubai Airports on Friday. “As of 10 a.m. UAE time (0600 GMT), 13 incoming flights were diverted to neighboring airports, while six outbound flights were cancelled,” Reuters quoted the spokesperson as saying in its report.

He added: “Dubai Airports is working closely with airlines, control authorities and DXB’s other service partners to minimize any inconvenience to our customers.”

DXB is a major worldwide transportation hub and one of the busiest airports in the world.

Heavy rain early Friday disrupted transport around the emirate, but the Dubai Airshow, a major industry event this week, was set to go ahead as planned on the last day.



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