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What are the harmful effects of firecrackers on stray animals? Are green crackers really beneficial? See what the experts say

As advocates of change and environmentalists, it is important to raise people’s awareness about the negative impacts traditional firecrackers have on the environment and encourage the adoption of green alternatives. It is possible to enjoy Diwali with the same enthusiasm and joy by paying more attention to how our actions impact the environment.

1. On stray animals:

Dr Ridhima Mahadeva, a veterinarian in Zigli, Panchkula, said, “This season also brings challenges for other creatures around us, namely stray animals. The gift of survival of these stray animals lies in their hearing and smell. It is the capacity at which the impact is greatest and sometimes fatal.”

“Pollution in all forms can be harmful, be it air or noise, if not managed or controlled in time. During festivals, the entire country gets so immersed in air and noise pollution that even after a few days, it has a devastating effect. ‘Can be seen. Pollution from firecrackers releases toxic gases like CO2, sulfur dioxide, potassium and nitrogen into the atmosphere, which cause respiratory problems, asthma, congestion in the lungs and sometimes suffocation,’ ‘ he adds.

“The trauma that these voiceless, innocent creatures face due to noise is indescribable as they are extremely sensitive to loud noises. When a human being reports any of these stray animals biting or showing aggressive behavior So that’s one of the major reasons for this,” she added.

Additionally, Dr. Leena Dalal, Co-CEO and Co-CMO at Maxpetz, said, “When it comes to pets, we can shelter them from all this to some extent, but no such privilege exists for stray animals. And it is our responsibility as a society to show compassion towards these animals. Some steps we can take are choosing quieter, more eco-friendly crackers, having a dedicated space and time for bursting crackers and making sure to check the area for stray animals before starting. Another thing you can do is set up temporary shelters for stray animals to protect them from noise and chaos. Let’s urge everyone to consider the impact of their celebrations on stray animals and take measures to reduce the harm. Let’s promote a more humane and peaceful Diwali, which is inclusive of all beings.”

2. On pregnant women:

The impact of firecrackers, especially the sound and smoke, can have different effects on pregnant women depending on their stage of pregnancy.

Dr Sunipa Chatterjee, consultant obstetrician and gynecologist at Techno India Dama Hospital, said, “During the early stages of pregnancy, exposure to loud noises, such as the sound produced by firecrackers, can potentially harm the expectant mother. can cause stress and anxiety. Exposure to high noise levels can also affect the developing fetus, as it is more sensitive to external stimuli. Loud noise can increase the levels of stress hormones in the mother’s body, Which may indirectly affect the growing fetus.”

“Inhaling the smoke from firecrackers can also be harmful, as it can contain various toxic chemicals and particulates. These pollutants can potentially enter the bloodstream and have adverse effects on both the mother and the developing baby. “, which impacts respiratory health and overall health.” Being,” she added.

Talking about the advanced stages of pregnancy, she said, “As the pregnancy progresses, the fetus becomes more insulated from external noises, but he can still hear and react to other sounds, including firecrackers.” “Sudden loud noises can startle the baby, causing increased heart rate or fetal movements. Although this is generally not harmful, it can be uncomfortable for the mother.”

“In the advanced stages of pregnancy, the physiological changes that have occurred can make the mother more sensitive to air pollution. Exposure to firecracker smoke can increase respiratory problems or discomfort. Inhaling pollutants can harm the fetus. “Oxygen supply may also be affected, which could potentially impact its development,” she said.

3. On Environment:

Dr. Malini Saba, who is a businesswoman, environmentalist, psychologist, philanthropist, fitness enthusiast, author of food books, single working mother, human rights activist, global advocate for women and girls and founder and chairperson of the Annanke Foundation, said tHere are various harmful effects of bursting crackers on the environment during Diwali. The most famous ones include:

  • air pollution: When firecrackers, which contain chemicals and heavy metals including sulfur, lead and copper, catch fire, toxic vapors are released. These pollutants can cause a significant increase in the amount of air pollution, which can aggravate pre-existing health conditions and cause respiratory problems.
  • Noise Pollution: Both people and animals may find the loud, constant noise from fireworks very irritating. Apart from disturbing wildlife and affecting their normal behavior and habitat, it can cause anxiety, stress and hearing loss in humans.
  • waste generation: After celebrations, the remains of burned fireworks, including paper, plastic and metal components, contribute to litter and solid waste pollution. Inadequacy of cleanup processes leads to further damage to the ecosystem.
  • Lack of resources: The manufacturing process of fireworks has a large carbon footprint and uses a lot of energy and natural resources such as minerals. This increases the burden on planetary resources.
  • health hazards: Children, the elderly and people with pre-existing respiratory conditions may be more sensitive to firework smoke and pollutants. Additionally, pollutants can cause eye inflammation and other health problems.

What are green crackers?

Green Crackers are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional crackers that have multiple benefits during Diwali and other festivals, making them a sustainable option without compromising on the festive joy.

How beneficial are green crackers?

Dr. Malini Saba said, “Due to inadequate knowledge and the traditional cultural significance of fireworks during Diwali, traditional firecrackers have been lit during the festival for centuries without considering the environmental consequences. Traditions are often strongly embedded in civilizations and cultures are, and it takes time for new information to spread and influence behavior.”

“Green crackers are a more eco-friendly cracker option and have developed relatively recently. These crackers are designed with several eco-friendly features in mind, such as low noise levels and emissions. It is important to remember that green crackers “There are also some environmental downsides and their benefits are relative,” he adds.

Dr. P. Venkat Krishnan, senior consultant in internal medicine at Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, suggested Following are the benefits of green crackers:

environmental benefits: Green crackers reduce the harmful effects of fireworks on the environment because they have many eco-friendly features.

Health facilities: Green crackers have health benefits as a result of reduced emissions and noise:



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