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What is the relation between constipation and UTI, does it affect children?

There is a close relationship between the urinary system and the lower intestine (rectum) because both systems have a common origin during development, share a common nerve supply, and share the same area in the baby’s pelvis. According to Dr. Anil MU, Consultant Pediatrician and Intensivist, Sparsh Hospital, Bangalore, “Constipation and urinary tract infection (UTI) in children may be linked. Constipation increases the risk of UTI by 7-10 times.”

How does constipation affect the urinary system:

Dr. Antony Robert Charles, consultant in pediatric surgery and pediatric urology at Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, said, “When a child is constipated and holds stool for longer than usual, it affects the urinary system in two ways – one, there is an overgrowth of bacteria and the stool contains these bacteria which normally would Cause UTI. Secondly, when a lot of stool gets accumulated in the rectum, the ability of the bladder to empty urine reduces and then UTI occurs due to stale urine in the bladder. It works both ways, and frequent UTIs can also change a child’s bowel habits.”

Factors and prevention:

Dr. Shalini Ji Agasti He said that the problem of UTI is more common in women. Even a single episode of UTI should be taken seriously and requires consultation and evaluation.


Talking about the factors, Dr. Shalini said the following:

  • physical developmental abnormalities
  • Lack of adequate fluid intake (also causing constipation).
  • Delayed bladder emptying, especially interruptions in schools and colleges
  • Washing the genitals from back to front.
  • Unclean toilets, dirty water.

Preventive Measures:

Dr. Anil MU said, “Constipation can cause children to resist the urge to urinate, leading to frequent bowel movements and increased risk of UTI. The close proximity of the rectum and urethra in young children also increases the spread of bacteria. Makes convenient. Additionally, constipation can cause obstruction in urination.” Normal bacterial balance in the gut, potentially affecting the urinary tract. Changes in diet, increasing fluid intake, and establishing regular bowel habits may be important in preventing UTIs in children. Monitoring and management of both conditions play an important role in promoting pediatric urinary health.”

(Disclaimer: The information provided in the article, including treatment suggestions shared by doctors, is for general informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified person regarding any medical condition. healthcare provider for any questions you may have regarding.)

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